Which is the real People’s Progressive Party (myPPP), that of M Kayveas’ or that of Maglin Dennis D’Cruz’s?

27 May 2018


Kayveas insists he is rightful MyPPP chief, asks Maglin to show proof

Alyaa Azhar  |  Published on  |  Modified on

M Kayveas insists he is MyPPP’s rightful president, citing a letter from the Registrar of Societies as proof.

Speaking to reporters after the party’s AGM today, Kayveas stated that the ROS letter, dated May 18, confirms him as the rightful president…



Published on May 27, 2018

MyPPP president M Kayveas said the party will remain independent after having left BN. M Kavyeas, who held an AGM at the Kuala Lumpur Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall today, also insisted that he is still the legitimate president of the party.

May 25

MyPPP saga: Rival factions hold separate AGMs this weekend

Alyaa Alhadjri  |  Published on  |  Modified on

No end appears to be in sight to the drama engulfing MyPPP, with two rival factions holding their annual general meetings simultaneously this weekend.

The first faction, led by president Maglin Dennis D’Cruz, held its AGM at the Putra World Trade Centre this morning.

D’Cruz rival, M Kavyeas, insists that he is still the legitimate president of the party, and will be holding another AGM at the Kuala Lumpur Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall tomorrow…


Before 9 May 2018

The People’s Progressive Party (Parti Progresif Penduduk Malaysia, abbreviated myPPP) is a NO SEAT political party. What it has, is given as scraps by its master, UMNO.

President‎: M. Kayveas  ‎
Dewan Rakyat‎: ‎0 / 222
2013 GE 13: Total Votes 7,530 Percentage of Votes 0.07%

It is an anaemic political party in Malaysia.

The party is one of the constituent members of the rulingarisan Nasional and is a multiracial party.

30 April 2018

1h1 hour ago

Kayveas: I’m coming back to myPPP

M. Kayveas, who quit his post before his party said he was sacked last week, said he was withdrawing his resignation letter today.


26 April 2018

21h21 hours ago

Effective 23 April 2018, I have stepped down as the president of myPPP. Chairman of WP. Advisor to the state of Perak.


16m16 minutes ag

Tengku Adnan, the coalition’s secretary-general, as saying that Kayveas should not have insisted on contesting the Cameron Highlands parliamentary seat when he knew it had been allocated to MIC…😜

8h8 hours ago

MyPPP supreme council sacks Kayveas as president: KUALA LUMPUR: MyPPP secretary-general…


8h8 hours ago

MyPPP sacks Kayveas as member following letter from Ku Nan

KUALA LUMPUR, April 25 ― MyPPP has sacked Tan Sri M. Kayveas as a member of the party following a disciplinary proceeding prompted by a letter from Barisan Nasional secretary general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor.

MyPPP secretary general Datuk Mohan Kandasamy said that the party central working committee has made a decision unanimously to strip Kayveas of all positions in the party, two days after he quit as the party chief.

Vice president Datuk Maglin Dennis D’cruz will be taking over as acting president, Mohan announced.

He also said that MyPPP initiated action against Kayveas before it even received an official notice regarding his resignation from the party.

“We only knew about the letter after our CWC meeting,” Mohan said.

The letter from Tengku Adnan yesterday had asked the party to consider disciplinary action against Kayveas.

“The letter also seemed to imply that we may be asked to leave BN if we did not take action,” party information chief Simon Suresh said.

The letter came days after Kayveas threatened to bring MyPPP out of BN after MIC was given the Cameron Highlands seat, which he was eyeing.

Yesterday, MIC was also given the Buntong state seat in Perak, despite MyPPP eyeing the seat as well.



Apr 23

Kayveas: MyPPP did not endorse Loga’s BN candidacy in Segambut

GE14 | MyPPP president M Kayveas, who was left without a seat in the 14th general election, said his vice-president Loga Bala Mohan’s decision to contest in Segambut under the BN banner was without the party’s endorsement.

Kayveas had lobbied heart for the Cameron Highlands parliamentary seat but it was confirmed today that the seat would be retained by MIC…

22 Nov 2016

10h10 hours ago

Gerakan against bringing back ISA via

KUALA LUMPUR: The government should not entertain “ill-considered and irresponsible” calls to reintroduce the Internal Security Act (ISA), cautioned the Gerakan’s Central Bureau of Laws and Human Rights in a statement.

The government should instead further commit itself to “human and civil rights enhancement”, said Baljit Singh, who heads the Gerakan bureau.

The lawyer was expressing his objections, in the wake of Bersih 5, to bringing back the ISA.

Several parties have also called for public figures, suspected of corruption, to be detained without a court order.

Baljit reminded that Prime Minister Najib Razak had previously said the ISA would be repealed along with emergency ordinances, declarations and restrictions.

“This reflects the wishes of the people and their maturity;” said Baljit, warning that reintroducing the ISA was a backward move.

“It goes against society endorsing human and civil rights,” he said.

In any case, he said, Gerakan was against reverting to the notorious ISA era.

Baljit recalled that when the draconian Act was in force, there was uncontrolled executive power to accuse, adjudicate and imprison for indefinite periods without authority of the courts.

The reasons for reintroducing the ISA were completely invalid, he added.

Kayveas: Bring back ISA to control Bersih?


PETALING JAYA: People’s Progressive Party leader M Kayveas is reported to have suggested that the Bersih reform group had “gone out of control”, and his party might propose bringing back the Internal Security Act.

The ISA, which provides for preventive detention, was repealed in 2012.

Kayveas, speaking at the party’s convention in Ipoh today, described Bersih as a group worse than terrorists. “They’ve gone out of control. Perhaps, myPPP will propose for the Internal Security Act to be re-enacted once again, that way, it would be easier to control them,” he was quoted as saying.

He also challenged the reform group to stand on its own instead of depending on the support of political parties “then we shall see if Malaysians truly support Bersih”.

“If they do, then I would also stand with them,” he reportedly said, accusing the group of being “just another branch of the opposition”, according to The Star Online.

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