Yes, there were Chinese in Red Shirts! Watch the video. LOL. But are those guys genuine?

Here is the translation of the MCA Video clip: He introduced himself as Chairman of 大 港 (I don’t know where that is but literally translated it is big port/harbour) branch, Liu or Lau Ka Yeau. Today, I m here to carry his b*lls. This is Jamal n he scolded us CINA BABI but that is not important. He asked me to carry his b*lls n promised to pay me RM500. In fact he will pay ALL who are present RM50 each and give us eat NASI LEMAK n asked me to find 5 Vietnamese ladies for him and pretend to be Chinese. I only managed to find 2 for him and let him SYIOK a little while. This is not a big problem. Men are just partial to sex. Just look at him, he looks like a pig. Jamal is the elder brother of a pig (TEE KO PEH) (CLAPPING). So you got to support him. His red shirts intend to disrupt the BERSIH march. So we must support him and give him one chance.

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