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“Jamal Yunos, come and fight like a man!” They smell blood. Blood from Jamal’s nose? LOL

… 27 Nov 2016 … Jadilah anak jantan dan buat benda yang betul – itu mesej yang disampaikan sekumpulan ‘pejuang’ yang mencabar ketua Baju Merah untuk beradu kekuatan secara budiman. … Malaysiakini 59 mins · Video | KiniTV: Branding themselves … Continue reading

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No, the tigers at Sunway Lagoon did NOT attack anyone.

… … 27 Nov 2016 … Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia 6 hrs · The Management of Sunway Lagoon would like to assure that the video footage involving 3 white tigers mauling a general cleaner being circulated via social media channels does … Continue reading

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Zakir Naik is a Malaysian PR: Nur Jazlan says, “The Home Ministry is monitoring this and will take action if the war of words create tension and threaten national security.”

.. 27 April 2017 malaysiakini.com‏Verified account @malaysiakini 13m13 minutes ago .@NurJazlan: You’re being watched, end war of words on Zakir Naik Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed has called on all quarters to cease the war of words over controversial preacher … Continue reading

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