No, the tigers at Sunway Lagoon did NOT attack anyone.

27 Nov 2016

The Management of Sunway Lagoon would like to assure that the video footage involving 3 white tigers mauling a general cleaner being circulated via social media channels does not represent any occurrence or incident at Sunway Lagoon. Our lovely pair of white tigers, Samson and Asha were unveiled this August to complement the launch of Sunway Lagoon’s Wildlife Educational Programme. Being accredited as a Zoo, rest assured the safety of our guests, employees and wildlife is our utmost priority.

Kindly avoid spreading any false claims that is not reported by the authorities.


27 November 2016 | MYT 5:21 PM

True or Not: Video of tigers mauling zookeeper happened in Singapore in 2008


PETALING JAYA: A video being shared on social media of two white tigers mauling a man did not happen recently at Sunway Lagoon as is being claimed, but actually took place at the Singapore Zoo in November 2008.

The actual incident made headlines when 32-year-old Malaysian zoo cleaner Nordin Montong leaped into the tiger enclosure and waded towards three tigers – Winnie, Omar and Jippie – in full view of shocked onlookers who initially thought it was a show.

According to a report by The Straits Times, Nordin was mauled to death after he went close to the tigers, puffed up his chest and raised his arms in the incident which was ruled a suicide by the state coroner in 2009.

Evidence showed that the cleaner had not accidentally fallen into the tiger enclosure “but had deliberately jumped into the moat, waded through the water before thrusting his chest towards the advancing tiger with both arms outstretched”, said the coroner.

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