Pentaksiran Tingkatan Tiga (PT3) trial exam question: “The open sales of condoms will bring negative impact to the extent of causing social problems. Do you agree? Please explain.”

The Condom Conundrum
Should a teacher IMPOSE his values on students?

29 September 2016

This Student’s Answer On Condoms Being Sold In Public Was Marked Wrong. MORE:


A Question About Condoms Being Sold Openly Was Found In A Form 3 But Its The Answer That Causes Uproar



29 September 2016

All excited over condom question

PETALING JAYA: A condom-related question in a Form Three trial exam has the blogosphere all worked up.

The question that was part of a Pentaksiran Tingkatan Tiga (PT3) trial exam for Science solicited opinion on the sale of condoms.

It read: “The open sales of condom will bring negative impact to the extent of causing social problems. Do you agree? Please explain.”

The student replied: “No. Condoms are a step for birth control which is needed to prevent pregnancy.”

However, the examiner deemed this reply to the question, which carries two marks, as “wrong”.

Speaking to reporters after The Star’s Newspaper-in-Education Game4Life contest grand finals here yesterday, Deputy Education Minister Chong Sin Woon said: “Let’s investigate and see what the problem is. Something is wrong somewhere as condoms are used to prevent pregnancies.”

Chong said that higher order thinking skills (HOTS) questions were part of the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025.

“HOTS requires students to defend their opinions when answering these questions. We need to respect their opinion,” he said.

Former director-general of the National Population and Family Development Board Datuk Dr Raj Karim said it was erroneous to mark the answer as wrong.

“We always say that we have to teach sex education or family life education in school and for children to remain safe and have a healthy lifestyle.

“It doesn’t mean when you teach them about family planning, you’re asking them to practise it there and then,” said Dr Raj.

Goh Seng Chui, 46, who has a daughter sitting for PT3 next year, also said it was unfair for the examiner to say the answer was wrong.

“Opinion questions do not have fixed answers which teachers are used to.

“I feel that the problem lies with the narrow mindedness of the teacher, not the question or how the student replied,” he said.

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