Lorry driver kills three! On the Emergency Lane.

The Emergency Lane is for emergencies.

Beware of motorcyclist vigilantes if you use the Emergency Lane!

9 September 2016

3 lelaki tukar tayar bocor maut dilanggar lori dekat R&R Dengkil Pix FB DAily TRaffic REport


Lorry slams into three men replacing tyre in emergency lane, all killed instantly


KUALA LANGAT: Three men who had stopped in the emergency lane of the Elite Highway to replace their vehicle’s flat tyre were killed instantly when a lorry crashed into them earlier today.
Leong Chee Keong, 49, of Kajang and a foreigner, Md Monirul Islam, died at the scene in the 1pm accident near the Dengkil rest area.
Police are still trying to ascertain the identity of the third victim. Kuala Langat district police chief Superintendent Zailan Tasir said the trio was next to a Mitsubishi Triton at KM21.9 when tragedy struck.
“They were in the midst of changing a flat tyre when the lorry driver, who was in the left lane, lost control and rammed into them,” he said, adding that the weather was fair, although traffic was busy, when the accident occurred.
The 57-year-old lorry driver, who sustained light injuries, was driving from the direction of Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) towards Taman Putra Bistari in Subang Jaya.
He will be detained for further investigations and a urine test will be carried out.

Read More : http://www.nst.com.my/news/2016/09/172015/lorry-slams-three-men-replacing-tyre-emergency-lane-all-killed-instantly

Three killed while changing tyre as lorry ploughs into them



Supt Zailan said the the 57-year-old lorry driver was heading home to Taman Putra Bestari, Subang Jaya, from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) when he lost control of the vehicle at about 1.10pm Friday.

“The lorry driver was travelling on the left lane when he lost control of the vehicle.

“The vehicle crashed into the Triton and ploughed into the three men. They died on the spot,” Supt Zailan explained.


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