The NST Online today is all about Najib.

26 April 2016


1Azam programme to uplift quality of life of households helped 287k breadwinners across Msia: PM Najib

Najib: NTP has delivered impactful results & addressed socio-economic needs Read More :

A total of 144 million households now have access to 24-hour electricity supply: PM Najib

1.7 million Msians have access to clean water, benefiting more than 340,000 households: PM Najib

More than 3 million Malaysians benefited from 5,300km new roads built over last 5 years: PM Najib

Growth of private sector in Msia has created more than 1.8m job opportunities between 2010-2015: PM Najib

No one can refute that Msia’s economic position & people’s socio-economic level is at a good & commendable level: PM Najib

As of April 22 this year, RM6.4b Bursa Malaysia shares have been sold to foreign investors: PM Najib

Gross National Income (GNI) per capita increased by 30.4pct from RM27,819 in 2010 to RM36,285 in 2015: PM Najib

Msia has good fiscal discipline which translated into lower borrowing costs & high market confidence: PM Najib

Govt has succeeded in crafting Msia’s economic strategy; our transformation plan is working & we are delivering: PM Najib

Msia has made unity in diversity its asset & formula for success for almost 60 yrs: PM at launch of NTP Annual Report 2015

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