#JapanEarthquake #JapanQuake

16 April 2016

Since this morning, 19 earthquakes (4.1-7.0m) have hit Japan’s island: USGS data




2nd strong quake hits southern Japan; some reported trapped

: Ash & smoke seen from Japan’s largest active volcano Mount Aso in Kyushu, where M7.3 quake rocked

Second big quake hits southern Japan, people flee onto streets

Tsunami warning lifted. Japan’s nuclear authority said Sendai nuclear plant was not damaged

Powerful earthquake hits Japanese city of Kumamoto, My thoughts r with d families of d victims of d

15 April 2016

18 penuntut Malaysia di Kepulauan Kyushu yg dilanda gempa bumi dilaporkan selamat PixAP

rescuers battle to free people trapped in rubble

update: 9 killed, hundreds injured by powerful 6.5-magnitude earthquake

: Castle damaged, bullet train derailed

8 dead, over 800 ! after 6.4 quake hits , 🇯🇵

[UPDATE] Powerful Japan Earthquake Kills 3, Injures 200

UPDATE: Strong quake in south-western kills nine, topples homes

TOKYO (AFP) – Nine people were killed after a powerful earthquake hit southern Japan, collapsing homes, sparking fires and injuring hundreds, officials said on Friday as rescuers worked through the night to find residents feared trapped in rubble.

Tens of thousands of people reportedly fled their homes and television footage showed damaged buildings, buckled roads and lumps of broken concrete in the streets after the 6.5-magnitude quake struck the south-western island of Kyushu.

NHK footage showed what appeared to be a house ablaze and firefighters dousing it with water, one of several fires reportedly sparked by the quake that left at least 780 injured, according to the public broadcaster.

At least nine people were confirmed dead, a Kumamoto disaster management official said.

“We also received information indicating a few people were under collapsed houses,” said Sakuragi.

As the death toll rose in the night – earlier reports said two people had died – an eight-month-old baby girl was pulled from the rubble alive and unharmed, NHK reported.

Some 350 military personnel were dispatched for rescue work on the island, spokesman Yoshihide Suga said, appealing for calm.


So this has been going on all night and I’m at the epicenter. 47 high intensity aftershocks

Lots of roof damage on Castle

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