Video: Sinkhole swallows whole bus. In China.

Published on Mar 10, 2016

Bus swallowed by a SINKHOLE on road. Chinese bus falls into huge sink hole that opens in road. The sinkhole swallows the entire bus and is believed that water infiltration beneath the road was the man accident cause. The driver suffered a head injury and was transported to hospital. The two passengers that were on board suffered only minor injuries and didn’t need any medical care.

10 March 2016


WATCH: Sinkhole swallows bus whole


Thinking about traveling by bus through Guizhou Province? You might want to watch this video first.

At around 12:30 a.m. on Thursday morning a bus was pulling into a bus station in Guiyang when it was suddenly swallowed whole by a massive sinkhole.

Local news reports that the driver and two passengers were trapped inside for 40 minutes while rescuers worked to pull them out of the abyss they had plummeted into. The driver suffered a serious injury to his head in the accident and was rushed to the hospital. Meanwhile, the two passengers suffered only minor injuries.

The bus was finally lifted up out of the sinkhole some four hours later.

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