Interested in the Naked Foam Party? Phone numbers of PKR and Bersih 2.0 leaders listed as contact persons. LOL…


Thursday, Nov 17, 2016

‘Naked foam party’ poster in Malaysia raises eyebrows

PETALING JAYA: A lewd poster for a “naked foam party” currently making the rounds on social media has been found to list the mobile phone numbers of prominent PKR and Bersih 2.0 leaders as contacts.

The poster for the event, which is supposedly scheduled to take place on Dec 1, features a half-naked woman and lists names such as Amber, Maria, Rifa, Izzy and Mandy as the organisers.

Among those listed are Bersih 2.0 secretariat officer Mandeep Singh, who said this was not the first time such a tactic had been used.

“It happens every time ahead of a rally. Before this, it happened during Bersih 4 and Tangkap MO1.

“The last time it was about sex services and then it was call girl services. Now it’s a foam party.



It is advertised as the 2016 New Year’s Eve NAKED Foam Party.

Venue? The KLCC area (discreet).

Will it happen?

Wait for the hysterical reaction from Jakim, PDRM, PAS, Wanita MCA, Gerakan, etc…

Gais! Naked foam party gais..!!! Hahahahahaha..

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This was in the UK



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