Bersih4: Firechat will be used if Internet access is denied, Otherwise, use Prime.


Suj retweeted BERSIH 2.0

️Reckon downloads are going to spike in Malaysia now that is verified.

Suj added,

Those on FIRECHAT, please follow bersih’s official Firechat account. The name of the account is: bersih2

Those without Firechat, recommended to install the mobile app because it can function even if there is no internet connection tomorrow.

Bersih 4 adopts HK-style communication as last resort

Today 5:00 pm     Today 5:21 pm


Organisers of the Bersih 4 rally is adopting Firechat, an unconventional chat app that was widely used during the Umbrella revolution in Hong Kong early this year.

Bersih in a statement on Facebook said the application will be used as a last resort if there is a communication break down.

“We are officially on Firechat with a verified status. Firechat will be our last resort for information dissemination, in case internet goes down,” it said.

Unlike other communication apps, Firechat can work without internet.

To send data, the application “hops” from one phone to another nearby which is also using Firechat through wifi or bluetooth.

The method is unsecured and can be easily intercepted but is sufficient for basic communication.

However, Bersih said that while internet access remains active, it will use the “Prime” app to disseminate information.

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