Nigerian Love Scams. In Malaysia. Don’t be a victim!

Internet Scams and Hackers, et al..

Of SCAMs, there is no end…



27 June 2016

Do these look anything like the white man or white woman whom you fell in love with and who cheated you?


26 June 2016 | MYT 11:11 PM

Police detain six Africans for involvement in ‘Romance Scam’


KUALA LUMPUR: Six African nationals believed to be involved in 10 ‘Romance Scam’ cheating cases amounting to RM1 million were detained at a house near here, yesterday.

A police team from Bukit Aman detained the six suspects, including a woman, aged 24 to 38, in Bandar Sri Damansara, Petaling Jaya during the 1am operation.

Bukit Aman Commercial CID Intelligence and Operations deputy director, SAC Roslan Abd Wahid said police also seized 12 cellphones, 15 ATM cards and a Toyota Camry.

“Also seized were laptops which the suspects had used to find their victims and a pen-drive containing photos of their targets,” he said when contacted by Bernama here, today.

He said preliminary investigations revealed that the suspects have been involved in such activities for the past two years.

26 March 2016


26 March 2016

RM1bil lost to online scammers

KUALA LUMPUR: The “romance” out of Africa is so beguiling that Malaysian women gave away RM71mil to love scammers last year, in spite of continuous reports in the media.

They topped the list of victims who lost a total of RM1bil in online scams.

Bukit Aman Commercial Crime Investigations Department (CCID) director Comm Datuk Seri Mortadza Nazarene said cheating by Africans, which included the “parcel” and “love scam”, recorded a significant increase last year, in spite of the department’s campaigns and media coverage over the modus operandi of these conmen.

Comm Mortadza said there were 14,627 cases of online scams last year, in which victims lost a total of RM1.09bil.

In 2014, the department recorded 11,931 cases with losses amounting to RM816mil.

“It is very alarming that such cases are on an upward trend. This is because of the influx of foreign cyber criminals,” he said in an interview to mark the 209th Police Day tomorrow.

He said 90% of African scam victims were women.

“Among the women targeted are those who are lonely, gullible, seeking love and those seen to be greedy,” he said.

20 January 2016

Malaysia now hub for African love scams, says Interpol report

Most of the victims, he said, were single mothers, lonely women, housewives, as well as working professionals.
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By ZAHRATULHAYAT MAT ARIF – 20 January 2016 @ 7:27 PM

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia has become a hub for African ‘love scams’ which seek to dupe local women of their hard-earned finances.
This is evident from the increasing number of losses resulting from the scams, which have skyrocketed from 2014.
Commercial Crimes Investigation Department Commissioner Police Datuk Sri Murtadza Nazarene said police have received reports from Interpol stating that Malaysia has become a hub for such scams.
He said that last year, losses incurred from ‘love scams’ in 2014 amounted to RM52 million. “However, the figure increased to RM199 million last year,” he said.

Murtadza said the number of cases have also increased from 1,028 in 2014 to 1,521 cases in 2015.

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30 December 2015


30 December 2015 | MYT 5:37 PM

Nigerian student charged for cheating women on Facebook

PETALING JAYA: A Nigerian college student who allegedly cheated women on Facebook has been charged at the Magistrate Court here.

Collins Sparklys Obianke, 33 who was charged at two separate courts here pleaded not guilty and claimed trial before magistrate Salamiah Salleh and magistrate Mohd Azali Ibrahim on Wednesday.

The suspected fraudster was believed to have cheated Foo Pooi Yun, 38 and S. Vanitha, 31 into making them believe that they had received a parcel containing gifts from overseas that required them to deposit RM10,500 into a bank account between Aug 24 and Sept 14 this year.

The parcels were supposed to contain a handbag, laptop, mobile phone, watches, sunglasses and perfume.

Obianke who was represented by lawyer L. A Gomes was also ordered to surrender his passport to the court.

7 November 2015

The Parcel scam is a variation of the Nigerian love scam.

Man conned by African parcel scam

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By HANI SHAMIRA – 6 November 2015 @ 1:00 PM

KUALA LUMPUR: An African parcel scam syndicate, which recently “sweet talked” a 38-year-old man into paying them close to RM50,000 was busted by the police with the arrest of two Nigerian men yesterday.

Dang Wangi district deputy police chief Superintendent Habibi Manjiji said the victim, who was working offshore for a local oil and gas company had first engaged with a “woman from United Kingdom (UK)” through Facebook.

“After a few days of communicating through social media, the woman told the victim that she wanted to send a parcel containing jewelry, clothes as well as £200,000 in cash to the victim, here in Malaysia,” he said.

On Monday, the victim received a call from a man named James, who claimed to be in charge of the parcel. The victim was instructed to pay an amount of money to release the parcel from customs.

The victim made two transactions on the same day before he was directed to settle a sum of RM38,800 to release the parcel. After paying a total of RM47,730, James had called the victim again, asking him to pay yet another sum of money.

Habibi said the victim then realised he was being conned and lodge a report on Wednesday.

In less than 24 hours, Dang Wangi Commercial Crime Department officers led by Inspector Muhammad Azhari Abd Aziz arrested a Nigerian man in Subang Jaya.

Following the arrest, police picked up another Nigerian man in a condominium in the same area.

17 August 2015

Police Cripple Scam Syndicate Targeting Women

Police Cripple Scam Syndicate Targeting Women

Datuk Wira Hamza Taib
KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 17 (Bernama) — Bukit Aman police have crippled a syndicate with the arrest of 29 Africans who have tricked Malaysian women of RM25 million.According to the deputy director (investigations) of the Bukit Aman Commercial Crime Investigation Department, Datuk Wira Hamza Taib, police also detained were four local women, an Indonesian woman and a Thai woman suspected to have been part of the syndicate that was detected early this year.”The suspects used the bank accounts of local women to trick the victims … in fact, police raids also found local women living with the suspects and having given birth to illegitimate children,” he said.He said that with the arrest of the suspects, all in their 30s, police have solved 29 of 761 reported cases and recovered RM150,000 from premises raided.Police also seized 50 ATM cards of local banks, 70 handphones, 16 laptop computers and various documents used in the scam, he added.”The suspects would pretend to be European men and convince their victims that they were ready to get married,” he said.The suspects would pretend that they were going to send expensive gifts like gold ingots, money and other items by courier and would ask the victims to pay duty upfront.Hamzah said many of the victims were lonely, divorced or professional career women.

He said that duped by the sweet talk of the suspects, many victims could not accept that they had been tricked even when told so by the police.

“I want to advise Malaysians to be more careful with relationships established over the Internet so that they are not tricked by cyberspace lovers who exploit victims using the photographs of handsome, white men,” he said.


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5 Responses to Nigerian Love Scams. In Malaysia. Don’t be a victim!

  1. emeraldlow says:

    Home Minister should be responsible to it. for having all these aliens to con, steal, cheat and harass Malaysian.

  2. Lillian Ooi says:

    There are many issues that the government need to look into to solve this kind of social issues. There are many side of the stories that the police need to look into – Visa issues, colleges or schools that issues student pass, work permit for those who seriously want to work but not through agent….some Malaysian company recruits African to scam their fellow African to enroll to the college or school to come to Malaysia with the promise of work and studies. In the end they never get the student visa and got scammed instead and ended up overstayed once they finished their money. There is no job for them nor any work permit allow them to work here legally. If you are in that position what would you do…the best alternative to survive is to scam others and get the money then either to get a visa from so called agent who might be Pakistani, Iranian or Iraqi for them to stay here legally or find an alternative to fly off and leave this country for another country where they can get employment. The victims are those who are greedy lots who always believe they found an ideal man or perfect men – good looking, rich and held high position and able to sweet talk that makes them believe everything like those in novel or movies…the victims sometimes are brainless greedy lots thinking they have found that heaven drop down with lots of money or free loading that they can get investment from so called lover who willing to pump in millions of US dollars to buy properties or estates under their name or establish company under their name …these victims have forgotten about money laundering issues…they are thinking of becoming more richer…so have no pity on the victims they themselves asked for it…and they should learn to be smart to study and spot fake profile that advertised in social media for friendship…there is always standard fraud shown in the profile and can be easily detected if the victims are prepared to pay more attention and not to be blinded by so called loved….and the victims should ask themselves and try to use logic and reason (common sense). Important try not to waste time chatting with strangers instead spend time to do social works instead…

    Scamming in Malaysian cannot be pinned point under one nationality – it involves all nationality – there are African, Chinese, Malaysian, Pakistani, Middle Eastern and Southern American …important issue is not to be greedy, do not be gullible and believe everything on social media as true. This is one of the major issues that Malaysian are facing now they do not read or check with facts from other source. They just swallow everything on the internet or their internet friends told them and just believe the facts of lies as truth and truth as lies…

  3. As above says:

    KDN should also looked into these foreign girls working in all the night spots in Malaysia. Too many of them with student visas was told. I have commented before, the agents and pimps are collabarating with the authorities and money ofcos exchanging hands. Just go to Old Klang Road, this place call Scott’s Garden. Like mini Bangkok . And the best joke is..the police are there sitting in their patrol cars. Other places in KL and PJ too are being raided by (D7) special unit in the police force. Can you imagine the wheeling and dealing. When you complain..they say no proof . Corruption to the core in the police force. The OCPD’s are flying high.

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