Farmers and breeders protest outside the office of the Perak Mentri Besar: Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Some Perak farmers and breeders are fighting to save their land from the State Government.

6h6 hours ago

Selamatkan Tanah Pertanian & Jaminan Makanan. Demonstrasi depan Pejabat MB Perak !

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3h3 hours ago

I have been arrested along with our cadres, Kumari Anandan, Thirunavukkarasu, Dr Jayakumar, JM Haroon,

6h6 hours ago

Dr.Jeyakumar MP PSM beri solidariti Ucapan di protest Petani di SUK.

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Nak jumpa MB Perak pun kena tangkap polis.


5 August 2015

MP, farmers arrested over ‘eviction’ protest

Seramai 39 Petani dan aktivis rakyat telah ditangkap semasa protest tuntut temujanji dengan MB Perak di SUK Ipoh, Perak tadi. Call balai Sg senam 05 5477322 utk tekanan bagi bebas. ‪#‎PetaniPerak‬

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Seramai 39 Petani dan aktivis rakyat telah ditangkap semasa protest tuntut temujanji dengan MB Perak di SUK Ipoh, Perak tadi. Call balai Sg senam 05 5477322 utk tekanan bagi bebas. ‪#‎PetaniPerak‬

Parti Sosialis Malaysia's photo.
Parti Sosialis Malaysia's photo.

Majlis Bandaran Ipoh sedia untuk rampas sayuran depan SUK. ‪#‎PerakPetani‬

Senarai mereka yg ditahan:
1. Saras
2. Segar
3. Arul
4. Sivarajan
5. Jeevin
6. Nagen
7. Bawani
8. Kesavan
9. Bhai
10. Seng
11. Lukman
13. Wafi
14. Steven
15. Ah Leong
16. Rama samy
17. Lau hip
18. Then
19. Ah hor
20. Alice
21. Chai kean
22. Wong soo moi
23. yew kam
24. Wong chee went
25. Teang Sun Yew
26. Chin kwai heng
27. Khairul nizam
28. Chin kaaiheng
29. Micheal
30. Sugumaran
31. Tan
32. Logendran
33. Then kin
34. Dr. Kumar
35. Kam Cheong
36. Lai ali
37.wong kwan
38. Chong Lee koh
40. Suhail

Parti Sosialis Malaysia's photo.

Petani sedang pamerkan produk mereka depan SUK. ‪#‎PetaniPerak‬

Parti Sosialis Malaysia's photo.

Protes Petani Perak akan mula kejap lagi depan SUK Perak.

Parti Sosialis Malaysia's photo.

6h6 hours ago

7 memorandum & surat2 mohon temujanji telah hantar MB Perak. Tetapi, tak nak jumpa.

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Sekitar Demontrasi Selamatkan Tanah Pertanian di hadapan Pejabat MB Perak !

MP, farmers among 39 arrested over ‘eviction’ protest in Perak

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Police have arrested PSM lawmaker Dr Michael Jayakumar and scores of farmers as well as activists for protesting outside the Perak Menteri Besar office this afternoon.

The farmers, who are battling eviction, had gathered there in a last ditch effort to meet Perak Menteri Besar Zambry Abdul Kadir after failing to secure an appointment despite trying for almost four months.

Among those arrested were PSM secretary-general A Sivarajan and central committee member S Arutchelvan.

SU Politik MB Perak kata ambil contacts Petani dan call utk beri tarikh temujanji. Petani tidak setuju. ‪#‎PetaniPerak‬

Parti Sosialis Malaysia's photo.

Lama tunggu, MB tak turun. Petani sudah block pintu masuk SUK. ‪#‎PetaniPerak‬

Parti Sosialis Malaysia's photo.

Earlier reports

Perak farmers facing eviction seek PM’s help.” A story told too often. We need to work more with them and others.

PUTRAJAYA — Farmers facing eviction in Perak have turned to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak for help after their requests to hold discussions with Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir were ignored.

Coming together under the Affiliation of Save Perak’s Farmers and Breeders, they yesterday handed over a memorandum to the Prime Minister’s Office here, urging Najib to intervene.

If that does not happen, the 500 farmers plan to march on the administrative capital on April 28.

The Perak government wants to acquire 4,000ha of land which the farmers have toiled on for generations.

“We have been called squatters. How is that fair?” vegetable farmer Salleh Omar Ahnid, 54, said.

“My family has been applying for a grant to make my farm legal, but my applications were rejected with the excuse that the state will develop the land.”

“It is clear that the Perak MB has no interest in listening to the farmers and breeders affected by this eviction,” the group’s coordinator, K Segar, 51, said.

Families in Tronoh, Perak, in particular, are desperate as they have been issued a court order to leave their land.

“My father, like his father before him, had been working this land since the 50s,” cow breeder M Ramasamy, 59, said.

“This is all that I have known. I was born here, and I live here with my family. Where can we go? This is our livelihood.”

– See more at:

Farmers and fish breeders facing eviction protest outside PM’s office: Hundreds of farmers from Perak proteste…

Four arrested as Perak farmers resist eviction

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800 of Perak‘s small scale farmers are now facing eviction and constant threats

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