MAS flight MH370: Faces and Names of those on board, and next of kin




Malaysian Insider

Families of MH370 crew rap MAS union for ‘disowning’ them

Family members of crew on board flight MH370 have hit out at the Malaysia Airlines union for calling for another body to deal with efforts and issues regarding the missing jetliner.

Jacquita Gonzales, wife of inflight supervisor Patrick Francis Gomes who was one of the 12 crew on flight MH370, said she was disheartened by the statement made by the Malaysian Airlines System Employees Union (Maseu), a union representing 8,000 of MAS’s 13,500 employees.

“I was upset and I broke down when I read the article. The phrase where he said to put us aside and allow other entity to look after our interest just brought us back to March 8.”

Mohd Jabbarullah Abd Kadir, executive secretary of Maseu, yesterday in a statement said MAS had handled the flight MH370 tragedy in the “best” possible way, adding that the loss-making airlines needs to move forward to ensure it stays afloat.

He also reiterated call for several top management figures in MAS to resign “with dignity”, saying that the union feels that the company has to focus on restoring its image and fortunes.

But, Gonzales said that MAS’s rebuilding should not be at the expense of caring for its employees.

“To build MAS does not mean to put the care and the welfare of its employees aside.

“We are not robots. We used to be top priority, now with this statement, it made us feel that their priority has shifted,” she said.

Shedding light on Maseu’s role in helping the families of crew aboard MH370, Gonzales said she never received any calls representing the union.

“They claimed they kept in touch with us but I never received any calls or messages from them,” she said.

Another family member also called the union a “bluff” for saying that they kept in touch with the families.

“The National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia (Nufam) has been there for us. Both Maseu and Nufam are unions. If Nufam can reach out why not Maseu?”

Nufam is a registered union representing all cabin crew.


Free Malaysia Today

The continuing anguish of MH370 families

May 30, 2014

The families of those on board the missing MH370 feel that search efforts to-date was a total mess.

JACC) suggesting that the missing MH370 may not have indeed ended in the south of the Indian Ocean has further ruffled the emotions of families of those on board the ill-fated plane.

Meanwhile, New Zealander Danica Weeks, whose mechanical engineer husband, Paul, had boarded MH370 on his way to start a new job in Mongolia, remains in Perth, where their family moved after the Christchurch earthquakes in 2011.

She poured out her frustration upon the latest disclosure made by JACC.

Weeks said she had “cried a lot of tears today”.

“It just is another slap in the face, it’s just another long road for us and I’m just shattered by the news, I’m absolutely shattered,” Weeks told the Seven Network.

“When your child cries for their father, it just breaks your heart and I can’t tell them the truth because I don’t know.

“I still haven’t reconciled that he’s not coming back, because I’ve had nothing.

“When you don’t have anything – not even a piece of the plane, just nothing, and so many different stories – how can you not have a little piece of hope?”

The couple have two boys, Lincoln, 3, and 13-month-old Jack.

Back home in Kuala Lumpur,  Selamat Osman, whose son was on board MH370, said he had been informed by Malaysian Airlines about the doubts now surrounding the supposed black box pings.

He said he was disappointed that efforts to find the plane and his son and the other 238 on board had come to nought.

On the other hand, Sarah Bjac, whose partner Philip Wood who was also on board the plane, leads a group of relatives of passengers who want more answers.

She said yesterday the latest black box twist was “consistent with the tangled mess that is this supposed investigation”.

“I’ve been saying this since the first weeks. We are being managed and intentionally distracted. Lead, redaction, lead, redaction, lead — until three months later there is not a single solitary fact or piece of evidence that has been proven to be true, not one.

“Both the leads and the redactions come from a mix of official sources and ‘leaks’.

Nothing is logical or consistent or according to standard expected protocols, much less common sense.”

Video: MH370: Families trying hard to move on


Friday May 23, 2014 MYT 8:50:24 AM

MH370: Families trying hard to move on

SUBANG JAYA: Come June 1, Jacquita Gonzales will try hard to forget that it will be her wedding anniversary.

Jacquita, the wife of MH370’s in-flight supervisor Patrick Francis Gomes, said the families of the crew members of the vanished craft still dream about their loved ones who were on board the Malaysia Airlines plane that disappeared early March 8.

“Some days, the dreams are good and we remember the happy times. On other days, we get sad dreams,” she said at a press conference called by the National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia (Nufam) here yesterday.

The event was held to announce a charity dinner in support of the grieving families of the missing crew members.



Thursday May 22, 2014 MYT 7:35:26 PM

MH370: MAS never told to only communicate through lawyers, claims Nufam

SUBANG JAYA: The National Union of Flight Attendants (Nufam) has denied that Chicago-based law firm Ribbeck Law Chartered had directed Malaysia Airlines (MAS) not to communicate directly with the families of crewmembers aboard missing flight MH370.

Its president, Ismail Nasaruddin, also claimed MAS has done little to support the families, during a press conference with the five of the families concerned at the Empire Hotel here on Thursday evening.

“You can’t blame the families members for getting legal representation, it is their right as far as we are concerned,” he said, adding MAS had to take responsibility as an employer and provide aid to the families concerned.

Ismail also said they had not received form of monetary help as promised by MAS and Deputy Foreign Minister Datuk Hamzah Zainuddin, besides their spouse’s regular salaries.

“We are upset that MAS has not been taking care of the families of their employees to the best of their abilities,” he said, adding there were now six single mothers from among the crew members’ families.



1:18PM May 19, 2014

MAS: Foreign lawyers bar contact with kin of crew

8.01pm: MAS clarifies that it has ceased caregiver services and communication with families of MH370 crew members who had engaged foreign lawyers upon request by the lawyers themselves.

“(These) foreign lawyers have directed that MAS cease from any further direct communication with their clients, and that MAS direct all further communications regarding these crew member families to them,” it says in a statement.

Those without legal representation still receive direct contact and support from the Family Support Centre, MAS says.

Malaysian Insider

MAS ‘irresponsible and heartless’ for abandoning families of MH370 crew, says union

May 19, 2014
Latest Update: May 19, 2014 01:53 pm

Malaysia Airlines has been described as “irresponsible” and “heartless” for abandoning families of the flight crew who had sought the help of a foreign law firm to safeguard their interests in the MH370 saga.

This latest salvo against the national carrier came from National Union of Flight Attendants (NUFAM) president Ismail Nasaruddin who said MAS cannot cut itself off from the grieving families simply because they had sought legal advice.

“It is their obligation to care for the well-being of their employees and their families. Furthermore, MAS has not offered to make any payout to the families of the crew members,” Ismail said.

He hit out at MAS for not keeping its promise which was given to the families when the flight which was bound for Beijing went missing on March 8.

“MAS had initially promised the families many things. However they have ignored all of these obligations ‎towards the families in the last couple of weeks,” said Ismail.

“So it’s like we are abandoned. It’s rather sad because our spouses were the crew of the MH370 and MAS is the employer. Isn’t it supposed to look after their employee?”

5:00PM May 18, 2014

MAS unplugged ‘lifeline’, says MH370 crew’s kin

Jacquita Gonzales, the widow of Patrick Gomez who was the in-flight supervisor of the flight, said MAS stopped the caregiver services one-and-a-half weeks ago after realising that some of them have engaged US-based Ribbeck Law Chartered.

According to Gonzales (right in photo) the caregivers were their “lifeline” to provide any assistance to the crew members’ next-of-kin in regards to finances, flight transportation and to update them about the latest news of the search operations in the south Indian Ocean.

“From day one they said that ‘we are all family. Anything you want, just come to us, we will help you’. That’s why the caregivers were assigned to us.

“But to take away our caregivers, our lifeline to MAS just like that… It’s actually not right because our caregivers are not there to advice on legal matters.

“They are there to help us on any other things that we need to take care of,” she said at a press conference today along  with five other family members of the missing crew.

Shedding tears this afternoon, Gonzales said that the next-of-kin had engaged the legal firm since early April but only found out that that the caregiver services were halted when they called their respective caregivers on May 8.

Instead, they were told to engage MAS’ lawyer through their lawyers on anything related to MH370.

They received an official email regarding the termination of the caregiver services last Friday.

Star photo

Relatives of crewmembers of the missing flight MH370 claim MAS stopped communicating with them after they hired a lawyer.

Relatives of crewmembers of the missing flight MH370 claim MAS stopped communicating with them after they hired a lawyer.


MH370 memorial for Rod and Mary Burrows

May 2, 2014
Kristian Silva
Brisbane couple Rodney and Mary Burrows.Brisbane couple Rodney and Mary Burrows.

A memorial service will be held on Sunday for two of the Australians who were on board the ill-fated MH370 plane, which is believed to have crashed into the Indian Ocean.

Rod and Mary Burrows, from Brisbane, were on board the flight with friends Bob and Cathy Lawton when it disappeared shortly after it departed Kuala Lumpur International Airport on March 8.

“Family members and friends will gather together this Sunday, to celebrate the lives of Rod and Mary Burrows,” the Burrows family said in a statement.

Sunday May 4, 2014

Funeral for Australians on missing MH370

With no idea of what happened to their loved ones on board flight MH370, the family and friends of missing couple Rod and Mary Burrows will hold a funeral for them this Sunday.

The Queenslanders were among the six Australians on the plane that disappeared somewhere over the southern Indian Ocean on March 8.

The private service in Brisbane this weekend is understood to be the first funeral of any of the missing Australians.

The Burrows had three children and one grandchild, born since they went missing.

Malaysian Insider

First funerals set for missing jet’s passengers, Malaysia says ‘face reality’

May 02, 2014
Latest Update: May 02, 2014 09:14 pm

The first funerals for passengers on board a missing Malaysia Airlines jet will be held this weekend, relatives said today, as a Malaysian official urged relatives of those presumed dead to “face reality” and leave support centres.

First memorial service in Brisbane

Family and friends of Rod and Mary Burrows, two of six Australians on board the flight, will hold a memorial service in Brisbane on Sunday, according to a statement on behalf of the family released by police.

The family, it said, sought “privacy and request their solitude be respected during this difficult time”.

The announcement was issued a day after Malaysia released its most comprehensive account yet of what happened to flight MH370, detailing the route the plane probably took as it veered off course and the confusion that followed.



8:53PM May 3, 2014

MAS asks media not to expose amount of compensation

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has requested the media not to expose the amount of compensation for the families of passengers affected by its missing Flight MH370 aircraft due to potential security threats.

Its senior vice-president for strategic communication Najmuddin Abdullah in a statement here today, said apart from MAS, the family members had also made such request.

“Malaysia Airlines did not disclose any information pertaining to the amount of compensation as picked up by the media, and we believe this was acquired from other sources,” he said.

The amount of compensation, said Najmuddin, would be made known only to the family members and done personally by MAS caregivers, adding that it was important for the media to respect their safety and privacy.


What can you say when you don’t even know the answer yourself?

CNN Interview: Flight attendant’s husband speaks out

 Flight attendant’s husband speaks
CNN’s Paula Hancocks interviews the husband of Malaysia Airlines flight attendant Foong Wai Yueng.

Click on the link for the video:

Lee said he was having a difficult time dealing with their children – a 10-year-old daughter and four-year-old son – who kept asking him when their mother would be returning.

Malaysian Insider

Where’s mummy, hubby of MH370 stewardess struggles to answer children

March 30, 2014

Lee Khim Fatt’s children want to know when their mother, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) stewardess Foong Wai Yueng will come home. It’s the same question he is asking the airline, which appears to be telling more to the media than to families of those on board flight MH370.

“I get more information from the televised press conferences than I do from Malaysia Airlines,” the car sales adviser told The Malaysian Insider today.

“In the beginning, it was all right. The authorities kept us updated twice a day through phone calls, sometimes more.

“In the second week, the calls decreased and the families began receiving text messages. Even this dwindled as time passed,” he said.

The 44-year-old believes that families are getting less information because of instructions from the top management at MAS.

“This is not right, the families should come first. They are telling the media more than they are telling the families,” he said.

Lee joins other relatives of passengers on board the Boeing 777, who have hit out at the Malaysian authorities over the way the crisis is being handled.

Disappointed at the way he was treated, Lee, through a Chicago-based law firm, has asked a state court in Illinois to order Boeing and MAS to turn over data and documents to assist in preparation for a possible lawsuit.

Lee said there was no other help forthcoming other than the RM16,000 initial aid given to each family of passengers.

“No insurance claims have been issued, there has been nothing at all after the RM16,000.”

*MAS flies into a bleak future

Foong Wai Yueng was a member of the cabin crew of Flight MH370. Her husband, Lee Khim Fatt, has begun legal action in a U.S. court.

MH370 crew’s spouse initiates legal action in US court

USA Today

A look at some passengers on Flight 370

AP 11:03 a.m. EDT March 29, 2014


Suwarni, the mother of Sugianto Lo, who was onboard the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 with his wife Vinny, shows her son’s family portraits at her residence in Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia on March 25, 2014.(Photo: Binsar Bakkara, AP)


Indonesians Sugianto Lo and his wife, Vinny Chynthya Tio, were taking a short break away from their three children, their first in more than 17 years as parents. It was hard. Family members had to convince them the children would be fine while they were gone.

The couple called or texted the children on each leg of their journey before finally talking off for Beijing, last communicating with their oldest, 17-year-old Antonio Nugroho.

“They asked him to be a good example for his siblings, and take care of them,” said Santi Lo, Sugianto’s younger sister.

In many ways the couple were representative of Indonesia’s burgeoning middle class, many of them now traveling abroad for the first time. Sugianto was an electrical contractor, Vinny a mechanical engineer.

The couple, both 47, lived with their children in a two-story building in Medan, Indonesia’s third-largest city and home to a large Chinese-Indonesian population. They too were of Chinese descent. Sugianto wanted to see the Great Wall, Vinny to eat Chinese vegetarian food, not easy to find in Indonesia.

They took the trip after a friend gave them the plane tickets.

“Like a dream come true, they were so happy and very excited to go,” said Santi, who is now caring for the children.



Free Malaysia Today Videos

MH370 stories by next-of-kin [Part 2]

MH370 stories by next-of-kin [Part 1]



For the passenger manifest of MH370:

click here



Black is for mourning.

xxx – 270 × 179 – Search by image

In Mourning Band (Black)





Youngest passenger


For the passenger manifest of MH370:

click here


The Star


Allianz starts payment on MH370 claims

German insurer Allianz has revealed that it has made the initial payments in the case of the missing MH 370.

Hugo Kidston, global-communications head, Allianz said that the Munich-based insurer with other co-insurers of the Malaysian aviation “hull and liability policy” have made the initial payments.

The company says it is seeking to complete claims payments by the end of the week.

However, no information is provided on the insurance amount and the persons who have received the payment.

“This is in agreement with the insurance broker, Willis, and is in line with normal market practice and our contractual obligations where an aircraft is reported missing,” Allianz said in a statement.

“Unite for MH370 – You Are Not Alone” Event at the Curve (18 Mar 2014)

You are invited to join the “Unite for MH370 – You Are Not Alone” event at Piazza @ the Curve, Mutiara Damansara from 8.00pm until 9.30pm.


Embedded image permalink

Was at the Curve. Did my part. Never lose hope..

Embedded image permalink

: Crowds gather at The Curve mall in ‘s Petaling Jaya to pay tribute to passengers of

Embedded image permalink


Tonight. The Curve. 8PM. We’ll find you ! Hope.Pray.Faith.


music & prayer unite Malaysian of all races Vigil for missing MH370 held at the Curve   



Photo highlights of the day: Students view a mural of missing Malaysia Airlines flight

Embedded image permalink


Few hours ago at Pray For MH370 booth in MidValley 😌

Embedded image permalink

They are not just names but real people whose family and friends long for their safe return!


Identifying the missing people on Malaysia Airlines’ Flight MH730

Click on the link:


My hearts breaks bila dgr lagu di pagi ni.. peliharalah mereka yaAllah 😢

Embedded image permalink

QT : Malaysia Airlines representatives meet with families of passengers on board missing flight MH370

Embedded image permalink


[] MEDIA STATEMENT on MH370 Incident released at 7.20pm/8 Mar 2014 MY LT –

Saturday, March 08, 07:20 PM MYT +0800 Malaysia Airlines MH370 Flight Incident – 5th Media Statement

Sepang, 8 March 2014:  The families of all passengers on board MH370 are being informed. The flight was carrying a total number of 239 passengers and crew – comprising 227 passengers (including 2 infants) and 12 crew members.

An international search and rescue mission was mobilized this morning. At this stage, our search and rescue teams from Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam have failed to find evidence of any wreckage.

The sea mission will continue while the air mission will recommence at daylight.

Name List of MAS crews on MH370 plane


MAS WILL FLY YOU OUT TO WHEREVER THEY WILL TAKE YOU, an undisclosed location at this time, presumably the crash-site.

Have your passport with you and be there at the KLIA by 6pm.


3:59PM Mar 8, 2014

Kin of MH370 passengers prepped to fly out

Next-of-kin of passengers on board Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which went missing at 1.30am today, have been told to be prepared to fly out to an undisclosed location.
“(We were told) to make sure we have valid passports and to be here by 6pm,” a relative of one of the Malaysian passengers told reporters.
“For each passenger, two next-on-kin with a valid passport will be flown out to the crash site.”

However, he did not elaborate on where they would be flown to. MAS has been contacted but it is yet to confirm this.


Saturday March 8, 2014 MYT 2:22:23 PM

Missing MAS flight: Passenger list

PETALING JAYA: The following is a list of some of the passengers on board missing MAS flight MH370:


8 March 2014| last updated at 02:48PM

MISSING MH370 : List of missing passengers

KUALA LUMPUR: Following are some of the names of passengers onboard the missing MH370 as at 1.40pm.

Fariq Ab. Hamid
Zaharie Ahmad Shah
Foong Wai Yueng
Goh Sock Lay
Gomes Patrick Francis
Mohd. Hazrin Mohamed Hasnan
Junaidi Mohd. Kassim
Andrew Nari
Ng Yar Chien
Tan Ser Kuin
Tan Size Hiang
Wan Syaid Wan Ismail
Anne Catherine Daisy
Bai Xiaow
Beherey Usage Waitrelos Laurence Arlet
Biby Nazli Mohd. Hassim
Brooskii Nikolath
Burrows Rooney
Chan Huan Peen
Chen Weihoing
Chew Kar Mooi
Chng Mei Ling
Chuang Hsiu Ling
Chustrak Oleg
Deineka Sergii
Dina Mohamed Yunus Ramli
Maria Mohamed Yunus Ramli
Gu Naijun
Guan Hua Jin
Huang Tianjui
Hue Pui Heng
Jee Jing Hang
Jiang Cuiyun (CHN)
Koh Tiong Meng (MYS)
Kolekar Chetana Vinod (IND)
Kolekar Vinod Suresh (IND)
Kozel Christian (AUT)
Lawton Catherine (AUS)
Lawton Robert (AUS)
Lee Kah Kin (MYS)
Lee Sew Chu (MYS)
Li Hongjing (CHN)
Li Yuan (AUS)
Lim Por Chua (MYS)
Lui Ching (CHN)
Maraldi Luigi (ITA)
Meng Leoinf (USA)
Meng Nicole (USA)
Mohamad Sofian Ibrahim (MYS)
Mohd. Khairul Amril Selamat (MYS)
Muhammad Drazahan Zamani (MYS)
Mukherjee Muktesh (CAN)
Muzi Yusop (MYS)
Ng May Li (MYS)
Noorida Mohd. Hashim (MYS)
Nor Fadzillah Mat Rahim (MYS)
Norliakmar Hamid (MYS)
Ramlan Safuan (MYS)
Sharma Chandrika (IND)
Shirsath Kranti Pralhad (IND)
Sim Keng Wei (MYS)
Siregar Firman Chandra (IND)


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