THE PEOPLE’S FESTIVAL/BLACKOUT505, SATURDAY 25 MAY 2013 at 5pm at Padang Timur in front of Amcorp Mall



Suara Rakyat 505: Thousands defy crackdown fears to attend PJ rally

Suara Rakyat 505: Ambiga speaks out against crackdown

Suara Rakyat 505- 7.30PM: Slow start but crowd grows to 10k

Carnival atmosphere at Suara Rakyat 505 rally







: speaking from her heart ” cool outfit too


: Sea of Light Sea of Hope



Death of fear



gathering of tens of thousands of Malaysians at Dataran PJ against PRU13 fraud Shared via

Malaysia Chronicle

Saturday, 25 May 2013 18:20

QUIT NAJIB, QUIT EC: Malaysia’s youth flood Blackout 505 rally, demanding new elections

Written by  Malaysia Chronicle


For too long have the authoritarian governments – some say semi dictatorships – of Southeast Asia had it easy. Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak should have smelled the wind of change blowing near but ensconced in plush, expensively-carpeted corridors of power, he dismissed it. He continued to rule in the tradition of his elitist Umno-BN coalition, setting off a few ‘racial’ firecrackers now and then, here and there, to keep the ‘masses’ in check.

But Gen Y is a different force altogether. An online generation fed on literature where Good triumped over Evil against all odds, they are smarter, much more articulate and conscientious than let’s say the ‘Flower children’ of the 1960s.

And in eyes of Malaysia’s Gen Y now, Good is Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan Rakyat. They are the Gandalfs and Bilbos to Malaysia’s youth. Clearly on the opposite side are Najib and Umno-BN. They are the Saurons and the evil Orcs.

This then is the situation in Malaysia. And this cannot be manifested more clearly than in Saturday’s Blackout 505 rally to protest electoral fraud in Malaysia’s 13th general election and to demand new elections.

By 6.30pm, some 15,000 youths had already ‘camped’ out on the field in Padang Timur, Petaling Jaya. Dressed in the black T-shirts to symbolise ‘death of democracy’ in the May 5 election, they showed no shyness or fear in calling for Najib to quit and for Umno-BN to be toppled. Waving flags, banners and blowing vuvuzuelas, they shouted expressions of frustration against the ruling regime’s notorious corruption and ham-fisted rule.

The youth-led uprising has caught Najib and his administration in a bind. Wavering between the usual threats to jail ‘provocative’ youth leaders and Opposition rivals and fear that he might trigger a wave of public fight-back unprecedented in Malaysia, Najib has been conspicuoulsy silent. This has made him appear even weaker and politically clueless as to where and how to take Malaysia forward.

Malaysian Insider

Election commissioners should quit over indelible ink fiasco, rally told

By Ida Lim
May 25, 2013

PETALING JAYA, May 25 — The entire Election Commission (EC) must resign for failing to ensure the indelible ink worked in the May 5 general elections, several speakers said at a rally here tonight.

Bersih co-chair Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan and PKR strategy chief Rafizl Ramli led the calls for the entire EC to step down after complaints about the  indelible ink, introduced in Election 2013 to prevent double voting, could be easily washed off.

“On that ground, any Election Commission worth its salt would have resigned in embarassment over dakwat kekal (indelible ink),” said Ambiga, who is also a senior lawyer, told a crowd at the rally in Dataran Petaling Jaya here.


“Kunang-Kunang” di Petaling Jaya . Hidup Rakyat

25 May

& in a serious mode

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Amcorp Mall PJ is so Happening Tonight!



Tian chua..amcorp mall

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What do you see? I see hope!


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Despite the recent arrest and crackdowns, hundreds of thousands Malaysians turn up in full force. Malaysia, I’m proud of you.



Amazing turnout.

25 May

YB yang berdemo

25 May

SUARA RAKYAT, SUARA KERAMAT!! “: addressing the blacks


Malaysiakini’s Photos · Malaysiakini’s Page



RT Amcorp mall, PJ


Dataran PJ filled to the brim, rally in full swing

VIDEO 1 | 1.11 min

VIDEO 2 | 2.34 min


After eight successful Blackout 505 series of rallies nationwide, its ninth and final itineration – dubbed the ‘People’s Gathering’ – will be held at 5pm in Petaling Jaya today.

The rally, in which NGO Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) is among its main organisers, is to protest against alleged electoral fraud and misconduct in the recent general election.

Prior rallies have regularly drawn five-figure crowd numbers, of which the largest was held at the Kelana Jaya stadium several kilometres away from today’s rally venue. Some 120,000 had attended that rally on May 8 – whether within the overcrowded stadium or beyond.

For today’s rally, the venue Dataran Petaling Jaya has a maximum standing capacity of about 80,000.If the previous rallies are of any indication, the crowd tonight is likely to spill onto the surrounding streets as well.


10.30pm – After sharing a cell in Jinjang, Tian Chua and Haris Ibrahim share the stage together.

“Don’t think that these arrests will scare the people. We will not be cowed.

“It is not us that are afraid. It is they, for they are holding to power without legitimacy,” said Chua.

10.20pm – Bersih 2.0 co-chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan says she was not scheduled to speak today but  the recent arrest of Adam Adli, Tian Chua, Haris Ibrahim and Tamrin Ghaffar had moved her to do so.

He urges those with evidence of electoral fraud to approach Bersih’s people’s tribunal.

“If the EC has any dignity left, they must resign now. (The failure of the) indelible ink is reason enough,” she said.

Dataran PJ filled to the brim, rally in full swing



That moment bila dapat bersalaman dgn Datuk Seri

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Waiting yb speech at padang timur Amcorp Mall.


Rakyat sarawak.. amcorp mall


Lawan tetap lawan…rakyat tidak puas hati dgn penipuan pilihanraya.. amcorp mall


Yb rafizi berucap amcorp mall


Anda tgk sendiri.. amcorp mall

25 May

Another mammoth rally in PJ protesting against the outcome of GE13, three weeks on.


Tens of thousands light up rally outside Amcorp mall, PJ, protesting Malaysia’s result HT

PEJUANG RAKYAT…@putrareformasi 31m

Democracy is dead…#black505 amcorp mall

PEJUANG RAKYAT…@putrareformasi 30m

Amcorp mall #black505

25 Mei 2013: Sekitar himpunan ‘Suara Rakyat Suara Keramat’ #Black505 di Padang Timur, Petaling Jaya hari ini

PEJUANG RAKYAT…@putrareformasi 6m

Amcorp mall #black505

The Rakyat are filling up the padang at Amcorp Mall!
5.00 PM – Entering to fieldLatest – 记者看见镇暴车经过,但是操场附近没有部署警员。
FRU car pass around, but no polis at the field.525 AMCORP MALL – Perhimpunan Suara Rakyat 505


RT : Jam 4.30 tadi.. amcorp mall




a2 a3


25 May

RT : Malam ini, jika korg ditahan Polis, jangan panik, SMS/hubungi nombor2 yg tertera di sini

Saturday, 25 May 2013
Padang Timur

in front of Amcorp Mall

Time: 5pm

25-5-2013 Himpunan Blackout 505!


25 May

di Amcorp Mall PJ ptg ini. Ayuh dtg beramai ramai !


Pass by Padang Timur, saw some blackshirt “soldiers” dy 🙂


Heading to petaling jaya . Here we go


Suasana semakin meriah di hadapan amcorp mall

23 May

Nice : Just bought this tshirt:))

Pesta Rakyat #SuaraRakyat505

For those attending the rally tomorrow, a gentle reminder:1) Inform your friends and relatives of your wherabouts and give them your contact number/friend’s contact number for emergency purposes.2) Please bring your IC and limited amount of cash (RM50), salt, mask and towel. Also, remember to wear shoes and travel light.3) Always listen to the organisers instruction and do not respond to provocation, it is a peaceful assembly.4) Please keep emergency numbers with you: SUARAM, Legal Aid, Bersih, PEMANTAU.HIDUP RAKYAT! HIDUP DEMOKRASI! HIDUP MALAYSIA!


Home minister sees PJ rally as ‘an act of provocation’

Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is confident that the police are capable of handling the gathering planned by the opposition in Petaling Jaya today.

He said the planned gathering would not be in compliance to the provisions in the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012.

The organiser did not inform the police and the assembly will be held at an open area, he added. The rally will be held at 5pm in a field near Amcorp Mall.

“I see the gathering as an act of provocation in their attempt to challenge the police’s credibility. So, I’m leaving it to the inspector-general of police to handle the matter,” he said in an interview on Bernama TV’s ‘Hello Malaysia’ programme at Wisma Bernama last night.

– Bernama

Home minister sees PJ rally as ‘an act of provocation’

25-5-2013 Himpunan Blackout 505!




Pesta Rakyat #SuaraRakyat505


We have not forgotten. We will not give up.
This is a persistent citizen movement, initiated by over 60 Malaysian NGOs nationwide.
On the 10th of May, our student groups started by a symbolic act of delivering Coffins of Democracy & our memorandum to SPR Office at Putrajaya to ask for EC immediate resignation by 17th of May. EC ignored us.
On the 13th of May, we persisted to hold a forum Selamatkan Demokrasi, 13 Mei Hari Bangsa Malaysia at KLSCAH.
For speaking in this forum,our friend,Adam Adli,got arrested.

But this time we are not stopping.
This time we are going beyond our fear – for love, for truth, for freedom, for future generations.
For we are all Adam Adli.
We are the majority.
We will not stop until our demands are taken seriously & fulfilled truthfully.
Lets do this together.

“If you have come here to help me, you are wasting our time.
But if you have come because your freedom is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”

“When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is freedom.”

1. SPR mesti meletak jawatan dan perlu distruktur semula untuk menjadi bertanggungjawab kepada Parlimen dan bukannya Jabatan PM.
2. Pilihan raya semula di kerusi-kerusi DUN dan Parlimen yang dipertikaikan.
3. Mengemukakan bukti penipuan pilihan raya dan menyokong Tribunal Rakyat BERSIH.

1. SPR must resign and then must be reformed to be answerable to Parliament not PM’s Department.
2. Re-election in disputed seats.
3. Bring forth evidence of electoral fraud and support BERSIH People’s Tribunal.


Start today, do this, then share:
1. “Like” page Suara Rakyat 505 dan sebarkan

2. “Join” event Pesta Rakyat dan sebarkan

3. Menggunakan gambar ini sebagai profile picture.

4. Dan menggunakan gambar ini sebagai cover photo buat sementara.

5. Kalau tak nak tukar gambar profil, gunalah PicBadge ini!

To volunteer & join the Medical Team, email
Name, phone, profession–Doctor/Paramedic/Nurse/First Aider etc
Person in charge: Gengta Tan

To lead the change you want to see in Malaysia, come register during our Massive Recruitment Drive as volunteers for #SuaraRakyat505’s many teams when we begin this Saturday!
Register yourself to keep the hope of our nation going & to be a social change agent.
(Kami, Rakyat Malaysia berikrar) We who attend pledge that we will return clean & fair elections to Malaysia, we pledge that we will participate all the way in the process of pushing our 3 demands to success.

Kenyataan Media
Gabungan “Suara Rakyat 505”
22 Mei 2013


1. Syukurlah, daripada maklum balas yang diterima setakat ini, Himpunan #SuaraRakyat505 yang akan diadakan di Padang Timur (berdepan Amcorp Mall) Petaling Jaya anjuran Gabungan 50 NGO “Suara Rakyat 505” mendapat sambutan hebat yang luar biasa.

2. Rakyat dari serata pelusuk negara khususnya yang telah menyertai himpunan #Blackout505 di peringkat negeri akan turun bersama dalam himpunan kemuncak yang dijadualkan bermula jam 5 petang bertarikh 25 Mei 2013. Setiap rakyat yang alami sendiri penipuan pilihanraya pasti tidak akan melepaskan peluang merebut kembali demokrasi yang telah digelapkan, secara demokratik seperti yang dibenarkan perlembagaan – menifestasi Suara Rakyat!

3. Namun dari maklum balas yang diterima juga mendapati sedikit kekeliruan berlaku mengenai tarikh dan masa berhimpun berikutan banyak spekulasi yang tersebar. Gabungan “Suara Rakyat 505” sekali lagi mengumumkan bahawa tarikh 25 Mei 2013 (Sabtu) telah ditetapkan sejak awal manakala himpunan bermula jam 5 petang.

4. ‘Duduk dan Bantah’ tetap menjadi tema bagi himpunan #SuaraRakyat505 dengan pakaian (atau simbol) HITAM menjadi warna rasmi himpunan. Penganjur bagaimanapun menasihatkan supaya tidak dibawa ‘vuvuzuela’ dan tiada penjualan ‘vuvuzuela’ pada hari tersebut atas faktor keselamatan, dan bagi melicinkan penyampaian arahan.

5. Sehingga hari ini SPR masih tidak lagi respon terhadap tuntutan perletakkan jawatan. Tiada harapan buat badan SPR hari ini dan ikrar rakyat untuk terus memberikan tekanan kepada SPR menjadi faktor keberjayaan himpunan #SuaraRakyat505.

6. Gabungan “Suara Rakyat 505” juga menyatakan solidariti penuh terhadap Adam Adli yang direman selama lima hari dan menghadapi pertuduhan akta hasutan. Ini adalah satu kekejaman terhadap anak muda dan hak untuk bersuara telah dinafikan oleh pemerintah yang seharusnya melihat dari sudut ‘apakah punca’ ucapan Adam Adli dihamburkan.

Sesungguhnya, Adam Adli tidak langsung mengancam negara, hanya mengancam parti politik yang tidak mendapat sokongan majoriti walaupun dalam penipuan. Tidak salah untuk menjadikan penahanan Adam Adli sebagai pembakar semangat dan hadir ke himpunan #SuaraRakyat505.

7. Akhir sekali, pihak penganjur turut akan menyediakan beberapa booth pendaftaran massa sukarelawan yang ingin menyertai gagasan “Suara Rakyat 505” secara individu.


Gabungan Suara Rakyat 505

Yang dianggotai oleh NGO ;

1. Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM)
2. Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia (SMM)
3. Tindak Malaysia
4. Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM)
5. Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM)
6. Parti Rakyat Malaysia (PRM)
7. Gabungan Menuntut Royalti ®
8. Asalkan Bukan Umno (ABU)
9. Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA (GMI)
10. Jaringan Rakyat Tertindas (JERIT)
11. Gabungan Tanah Rakyat (TANAH)
12. Kill The Bill
13. Malaysian For Beng Hock
14. Mama Bersih
15. Kelab Bangsar Utama
16. Radio Bangsar Utama (RABU)
17. Mahasiswa Keadilan Malaysia
18. Kumpulan Aktivis Mahasiswa Indipenden (KAMI)
19. Malaysia Youth and Students Democratic Movement (DEMA)
20. Indipendent Student Front (INSTEF)
21. University Malaya Association Of New Youth (UMANY)
22. Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH)
23. Gabungan NGO Pengerang
24. Angkatan Pembebasan Bangsa (APB)
25. Gabungan Mahasiswa Islam seMalaysia (GAMIS)
26. Kumpulan Aktivis Mahasiswa Independent (KAMI)
27. Pro-Mahasiswa Nasional Aksi Mahasiswa Peduli (AKSI)
28. Pertubuhan Kemajuan dan Kebajikan Rakyat Selangor (Pro-Rakyat)
29. Angkatan Rakyat Muda (ARM)
30. Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia (SABM)
31. Unit Ehsan Malaysia
32. Anwar Ibrahim Club (AIC)
33. Agent of Change (AoC)
34. Revolusi Anak Muda Malaysia (RAMM)
35. Kami Anak Muda Menenatang Umno (K.A.M.U)
36. Gagasan Majlis Permuafakatan Rakyat Terengganu (MAMPAT)
37. Pertubuhan Kebajikan Rakyat Perlis (PKR Perlis)
38. Kumpulan Aktivis Media Independent (KAMI)
39. Gabungan NGO Kelantan
40. Solidariti Anak Bachok Daratkan Minyak (CABAR)
41. Majlis Permuafakatan Kampung Warisan KL/Selangor (MUAFAKAT)
42. Gabungan Profesional Menuntut Royalti, Hak Pendaratan Minyak dan Gas Ke Kelantan (ROYALTI)
43. Majlis Permuafakatan Rakyat Terengganu (MAMPAT)
44. Gabungan Menuntut Royalti Terengganu (R Terengganu)
45. Selamatkan Teluk Rubiah
46. Selamatkan Pantai Port Dickson
47. Selamatkan Pasar Payang
48. Jaringan Sepadu Rakyat Malaysia (SEPADU)
49. Angkatan Warga Aman Malaysia (Warga AMAN)
50. Malaysian Indians Progressive Association (MIPAS)
51. Federation of Malaysian Indian Organisation (PRIMA)
52. Malaysian Indians Transformation Action Team (MITRA)
53. Angkatan Nasional India Malaysia (AGNI)
54. Comuniti Front (CF) Seremban



Adam Adli, arrested…


FLASH: 18 arrested, including 4 females, near Jinjang police station during peaceful assembly to show support for Adam Adli.


Planned: 1,000,000 People Street Rally in KL: Pakatan is NOT involved!


It is still on.

Saturday’s rallyto go on despite arrests, says Chegubard

Saturday, 25 May 2013
Padang Timur

in front of Amcorp Mall

Time: 5pm

Organized by The People’s Voice 505 (Suara Rakyat 505)
A Coalition of 50 NGOs:
NGO Suaram, Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia, Asalkan Bukan Umno, Tindak Malaysia, Parti Sosialis Malaysia and Parti Rakyat Malaysia…

#525 – Jom Turun 25 Mei, Amcorp Mall !!




May 25 rally to go on despite arrests, says SAMM
5:56PM May 23, 2013

The “People’s Gathering” in front of the Amcorp Mall field in Petaling Jaya on Saturday will go ahead despite the police arresting several leaders of opposition political parties and non-governmental organisations today.

Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) founder Badrul Hisham Shaharin said the event, dubbed the `People’s Gathering 505′, will be held even if he was arrested.

“At present there are attempts by the police to arrest me but they have failed, so far. SAMM is one of the main organisers of the event and it will be held, even if I am arrested.

Saturday’s rallyto go on despite arrests, says Chegubard


20 May

SUARA RAKYAT 505: Sidang Media himpunan besar-besa​ran ‘pesta rakyat mengembali​kan demokrasi’


Free Malaysia Today

People’s fiesta to ‘take back democracy’

Alyaa Azhar | May 20, 2013

The rakyat just want to take back the stolen democracy, says SAMM’s Chegubard.



KUALA LUMPUR: The people’s fiesta is not about toppling the government, rather, it is about taking back democracy, claimed NGO Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) chairman Badrul Hisham Shahrin.

Badrul Hisham, also known as Chegubard, said a coalition made up of nearly 50 NGOs named the People’s Voice 505 (Suara Rakyat 505) will be launching an event on May 25 at Padang Timur, located in front of Amcorp Mall to present evidences of electoral fraud in the 13th general election (GE13).

“We are going to the streets not to topple the government, but to re-claim democracy.

“The rakyat just want to take back the democracy which was stolen in GE13 due to the various electoral fraudulence,” said Chegubard.

Chegubard added that the fiesta will start in the evening with participants encouraged to wear black and said that this will not be the only such fiesta as many others will be launched all over the country with the dates to be announced soon.

“We will be presenting the evidences to the public by bringing witnesses and providing statistics,” he said.

People’s fiesta to ‘take back democracy’


….the spokesperson for a group of 50-plus non-governmental organisations that is organising the event, Badrul Hisham Shaharin, denied that the rally was intent on overthrowing the government ala ‘Arab spring’ or ‘Malaysian spring’, as claimed by the authorities.

Badrul Hisham, who is better known as Chegubard (right), said the gathering on May 25 by the NGOs is called ‘People’s Festival’ and is directed at bringing back the democratic rights of the people nationwide.

The gathering is to be held at the Amcorp Mall field in Petaling Jaya, during which evidence and witnesses of fraud during the May 5 general election earlier this month is to be revealed.

“I want to emphasise that this gathering is not the ‘Malaysian spring’, nor an attempt or plan to overthrow the government.
“It is the people standing to fight for their democratic rights, which have been stolen from them,” Chegubard said, adding that the wild allegations on the NGOs was an attempt to frighten the rise of the people for their rights.

He also hoped that all parties concerned, including the police, would give their co-operation and not fall to the propaganda by certain people to scare away the people.

Among the 50 NGOs slated to take part in the ‘People’s Festival’ are human rights NGO Suaram, Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia, Asalkan Bukan Umno, Tindak Malaysia, Parti Sosialis Malaysia and Parti Rakyat Malaysia.

Zahid: Changing gov’t by coup undemocratic


ABN News | Eng

Suara Rakyat 505 Rally to be held near Amcorp Mall in Petaling Jaya this Saturday

PETALING JAYA: An event called Suara Rakyat 505 Rally to be held at the field next to Amcorp Mall this Saturday is not about toppling the government, but about taking back democracy, claimed Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) chairman Badrul Hisham Shahrin, more well known as Chegubard.

“We will present clear evidence of electoral fraud and reclaim the democratic right which was stolen from the people” he said, adding that the gathering was the start of similar nationwide rallies, Star Online reported.

Badrul said that some 48 non-governmental organisations and civil society bodies called People’s Voice 505 (Suara Rakyat 505) have indicated their willingness to participate in the gathering,

He said the organisers of the rally have three demands:

* The first demand is the resignation of Election Commission chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof and his entire committee and appointment of a new committee answerable to Parliament.

* The second demand is for by-elections to be held for seats where fraud is evident.

* The final demand was for the support of all parties including government agencies for the Peoples’ Tribunal mooted by Bersih.

“We are going to the streets not to overthrow to government or cause chaos but to demand that democratic rights be returned to the people,” he told reporters at a press conference yesterday.

Asked if police had been notified of the proposed gathering, he merely said it was under control.

He also denied that exposes of electoral fraud at the gathering would pre-empt political parties from challenging the polls results after they were gazetted.

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    What time will this rally start please?

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