GE 13: Electoral Fraud Probe


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Apa macam boss?? UMNO mahu settle dalam belukar, tak mahu settle di mahkamah.


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Free Malaysia Today

‘ Impossible to win an election petition’

G Vinod | June 5, 2013

This is the first of a three-part article on PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli views on the election petitions,why rallies are needed and his hopes for the Pandan parliamentary consistuency

PETALING JAYA: It is almost impossible to win an election petition as the standard of proof is ‘beyond human capacity’, said PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli.

Elaborating on the matter in an interview, Rafizi said that those filing an election petition could so under three categories, namely:

1) being involved in general bribery

2) conduct against electoral procedures

3) if a candidate is caught giving inducement to candidates to skew votes.

Rafizi said that as for general bribery, the party filing the petition should prove that the opposing side had given inducements or intimidate voters to influence their ballots.

“But let’s say if I lost in a place with 1,700 votes, I have to get about 1,000 people to come forward to sign statutory declaration and lodge police reports to back up the allegation.

“It is almost impossible to get 1,000 voters to so do. At most, probably we can get about 10 people to come forward,” he said.

Rafizi added that even if he does manage to bring 1,000 voters, it would be futile as the opposing side could argue that the voters wanted to cast their ballots for the latter anyway.

“Plus, I have to bring in significant amount of voters to prove that the election results could have turned otherwise. If not, the petition will get thrown out in the preliminary stage itself,” said Rafizi.

As for going against electoral procedure, Rafizi said that blackouts during vote tallying, tampered ballot boxes, wrong counting and others could be grouped in that category.

“Again,I have to prove that sufficient number of votes were compromised due to the irregularity that could have turned the results otherwise. If not, the case will not stick,” he said.

He cited an example where the contest for the Balik Pulau parliamentary seat where Pakatan Rakyat agents found an additional 126 votes coming from one stream.

“The case will not stand as the number is not substantial,” said Rafizi.

As for the third category, Rafizi said that it will be impossible for a candidate to be caught giving out money to voters as such works are sub-contracted to third parties.

“In Penang, there were allegations that money was given by some NGOs and even the underworld. When we take pictures or videos, obviously they will not attach the party logo on them.
“In other words, the clause requires us to catch the candidate or his agent red-handed in giving out inducements,” said Rafizi.

Rafizi also said that there is another stumbling block to the election petition, which is the Section 9 (a) of the Election Act 1958, which bars the court from scrutinising the electoral roll.

He said that the Elections Commission (EC) had used the particular clause to protect dubious names in the electoral roll from being challenged in court all this while.

‘ Impossible to win an election petition’



PKR reveals allegation of fraud in advance voting
PKR today revealed two police reports that were lodged regarding alleged fraud that had happened during the advance voting process for the 13th general election.Party director of strategy Rafizi Ramli said that one of the police reports lodged was regarding an incident which took place in Malacca, where an Election Commission (EC) officer allegedly counted ballot papers before the actual counting time.The second police report was regarding a ballot box that allegedly arrived late to a counting centre in Gerik, Perak, for counting, thus causing the ballots from the particular box to be rejected by officials.”There are doubtful circumstances in advance voting when not even eight percent from all election results favoured Pakatan,” he said during a press conference at PKR headquarters today.

“So in a situation where we had 250,000 advance voters, today we are raising our misgivings about such things.”

In the Malacca incident, PKR’s counting agent Abu Hussin Tamby alleged to have seen about seven to eight individuals donning EC uniforms counting the ballots in a police lock-up.

NONEAccording to the report, which was lodged on May 2, the ballot box for early voting was brought from the early voting centre at the Lubok China police station to the lock-up at the Alor Gajah police district headquarters on April 30.

This is despite the EC setting rules that the advance voting ballots be counted on the election day on May 5.

“After accompanying officers to keep the ballot boxes in the lock-up, I managed to witness officers in EC uniforms counting the ballot papers,” Abu Hussin, 42, said in his police report.

In the incident that took place in Gerik, meanwhile, another PKR counting agent Shairi Md Tajuddin alleged in his report that a postal ballot bag from a polling centre in Pengkalan Hulu did not arrive at the counting centre by the stipulated time on May 5.

He blamed the delay on the EC, which had resulted in the postal ballot bag being rejected, said Shahiri, 48, in his May 15 report.

“I believe this is an offence that was committed on purpose by the EC for the purpose of fraud in ensuring a win for Umno and BN in the Gerik parliamentary seat and the Pengkalan Hulu state seat,” he said in his report.

PKR reveals allegation of fraud in advance voting


Malaysia Chronicle

Wednesday, 29 May 2013 17:57

Police reports lodged over indelible ink start coming into PKR

Parti Keadilan Rakyat’s Youth wing in Penang has claimed that over 500 police reports had been lodged in the state over the indelible ink used in the general election.

Its deputy chief Dr Afif Bahardin said so far 575 reports had been lodged with copies submitted to the party here.

He said more could had been lodged with the other Pakatan Rakyat parties keeping tabs on the numbers.

“We target to get 100,000 police reports from around the country to show that the people are angry with the Election Commission (EC) for failing to conduct clean polls.

“We ask the people to each send us a copy of their police reports. They can send the copies to any Pakatan elected representative here or any PKR, DAP or Pas office,” he told a press conference at his office in Komtar today.

Dr Afif also said there were no complaints up until today that people lodging reports over the indelible ink were given a hard time by the police in Penang.

“The police here has given its full cooperation. We commend them for doing a good job,” he said.

– New Straits Times


Free Malaysia Today

‘EC made double voting possible’

G Vinod | May 29, 2013

PKR alleges that the Election Commission’s decision to provide more than one electoral list in a single polling stream may have facilitated double voting in some areas.

PETALING JAYA: PKR vice president Fuziah Salleh today alleged that the Election Commission (EC) made an amendment to the electoral process that could have allowed double voting in certain areas.

Speaking at a press conference today, Fuziah said that the amendment allowed the EC to provide up to two additional electoral lists for a single polling stream.

“In a stream where there are more than 20 voters, the EC had provided additional electoral lists to the EC officers.

“It means that the EC could open a stream within a stream,” she said.

The new system, Fuziah said, could allow double voting to occur as the second list would still have the names of those who had already voted earlier.

“Added with the fact that the so called indelible ink was washable within hours, many could have gone to vote twice using the second or the third list,” she said.

On May 21, Sinar Harian reported that 23-year old Mohd Fadhli Khaharuddin lodged a police report claiming he was allowed to vote twice at his polling station in Sekolah Kebangsaan Sungai Isap, located in Kuantan, Pahang.

He said that he voted first at 10.30am in the morning of May 5, washed off the ink on his finger to go vote again in the afternoon.

Fadhli was allowed to vote for the second time but the youth did not cast the ballot.

Fuziah said that the new regulation of providing additional fresh electoral list may have been a reason why Fadhli was allowed to vote twice.

“They may have used the fresh list, which had not struck out Fadhli’s name, compounded with the fact that the ink was washable within hours,” she said.



Asked to comment on the complaints of harassment from people filing reports on the indelible ink used in GE13, Bukit Aman public relations chief ACP Ramli Mohammed Yusof said he was not aware of the matter.

Ramli said the people should not be afraid of lodging police reports as they can go to any police station to lodge any kind of report


Police harassing those filing reports on indelible ink’

5:21PM May 28, 2013

Several people who lodged police reports over the easily washable indelible ink used in the 13th general election have been subjected to harassment and intimidation by the police, PKR Youth says.

The photographs of the complainants were taken and they were also questioned as to whether they were paid to lodge their reports, PKR Youth chief Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin told a press conference today.

Shamsul Iskandar said such action on the part of the police constituted harassment, since there was no cause at all for the pictures of the complainants to be taken.

“I want to ask the new inspector-general of police (Khalid Abu Bakar) and Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi whether this will be the standard procedure for the authorities to take pictures of complainants, up close,” asked Shamsul Iskandar, who is also a lawyer.

“Such a practice (of intimidation) should stop as this is a violation of the due process of the law.”

Rightfully, said newly-elected Bukit Katil MP Shamsul Iskandar, the police should just accept the reports filed and investigate them, not harass or scare complainants by taking their pictures.

“Ten complainants in Gombak were subjected to having their pictures taken and in Hulu Klang, there were four,” said the PKR Youth chief.

Shamsul Iskandar noted that this action by the police was a strange move and in some places, the complainants were also questioned by the Special Branch officers who took their statements.

A complainant in Brickfields also claimed the police officer questioned him on whether he had been paid by anybody to lodge his report.

Another complainant who had tried to lodge a complaint in Damansara was told to lodge the report in Jinjang, since she had voted there.

However, she lodged her report in Damansara, since she worked in that area.

‘Police harassing those filing reports on indelible ink’



Malaysia Chronicle

Tuesday, 28 May 2013 00:10

CAUGHT LYING AGAIN! EC deputy chief gets slap in the face over Kiwi electoral system

Written by  Tessa Houghton

Dear EC Deputy Chairman Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar,

I wish to comment on your recent statements in an interview reported in The Malaysian Insider, dated May 27, 2013 (reproduced below):

According to Wan Ahmad, the electoral system used in Malaysia is also used by developed countries that have been practising democracy for a long time.

“Britain, already a few hundred years practising democracy, until now it uses first past the post… Australia, first past the post. New Zealand first past the post mixed a bit with the proportional representation (PR) system. India, the largest democratic country in the world, 800 million voters, first past the post,” he said.

The EC deputy chairman said it would not be possible for PR to win so many seats, including a few states, if the “first-past-the-post” system was unfair.

New Zealand does not, as you state, utilise FPP “mixed a bit” with PR. It utilises the Mixed Member Proportional system (MMP), which is distinct from simple/’single winner’ FPP. New Zealand used to suffer under the same simple FPP system as Malaysia currently suffers from, which resulted in the right-wing National Party consistently gaining power despite a majority of New Zealanders voting for the left-wing Labour Party, and in a lack of recognition of smaller parties. Wide-scale electoral reform was undertaken in 1992 in response to huge dissatisfaction with the system, through a referendum that allowed NZ citizens to decide on their preferred voting system.

Almost 85 per cent of New Zealanders voted to throw out FPP, with over 70 per cent voting to replace it with MMP. A 2011 referendum held to re-gauge New Zealander’s voting preferences found almost 60 per cent of New Zealanders in favour of retaining MMP, and less than half of the 42 per cent wanting change expressing a desire to return to FPP.

As such, your claim that NZ “uses FPP” and conflation of the two systems is a grave misrepresentation of New Zealanders’ opinions on the system of FPP used in Malaysia. Ordinary NZ citizens understand the myriad voting systems available and have clearly registered their preferences. I take issue with you misrepresenting my country in an attempt to silence both the widespread criticism of both Malaysia’s iteration of the FPP system and the EC’s conduct.

Citizens’ opinion valued

I am proud of my country, even though I do not support our current government ― we regularly top corruption indexes as one of the least corrupt nations in the world, and were recently named world leaders in a human freedom index. No country is perfect, but I am proud of the fact that as a New Zealander, my government a) regularly asks NZ citizens for our opinions on matters of national importance, and b) regularly respects our decisions.

NZ chooses MMP because it prevents smaller parties (such as the New Zealand Maori Party and the environmentalist Green Party) from being crushed by two-party Labour/National dominance. We also recalculate our electoral boundaries every five years, using census results, to ensure that electorates are approximately equal, with a tolerance of voter population inequality of only +/- 5 per cent between electorates, so as to eliminate gerrymandering and malapportionment. Contrast this with the difference tolerated between the electorates of Putrajaya and Kapar ― an inequality in voter numbers of over 900 per cent. NZ also has strictly enforced rules to ensure equality and restraint in campaign advertising funding, fair media access for all parties, and an independent Election Commission overseeing the entire process.

I could go on to criticize your misrepresentation of Australia, which utilizes a preferential voting system with the option to cast votes “above” or “below the line” ― again, something entirely distinct from simple FPP ― but I will leave it to an Australian to defend their system in detail.

I hope that you will, in future, refrain from likening the electoral system in Malaysia to that present in NZ. I also hope that you will take note of the many systems in place in NZ (and elsewhere) to ensure fair and free elections, and begin performing your duty as a civil servant to ensure that Malaysian citizens are afforded the same basic democratic rights.

–  Dr Tessa Houghton is assistant professor in Media and Communication, and director of the Centre for the Study of Communications and Culture, University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

CAUGHT LYING AGAIN! EC deputy chief gets slap in the face over Kiwi electoral system


Click on the link below and watch


27 May

Video – PKR Tunjuk Bukti Mengenai Bekalan Elektrik Terputus @

PKR Tunjuk Bukti Mengenai Bekalan Elektrik Terputus

PKR tampil mendedahkan bukti berupa laporan polis dan borang rasmi berhubung kewujudan pengundi hantu dan bekalan elektrik terputus yang berlaku semasa pru-13, 5 Mei lalu. Pengarah strateginya, Rafizi Ramli berkata laporan polis bertarikh 9 Mei itu adalah bukti dakwaan seorang ejen pilihan raya PKR mengenai bekalan elektrik terputus yang berlaku di Kedah.

Date added: May 27, 2013
Duration: 37:53
Viewers: 440 views



Laporan polis isu dakwat kekal…balik pulau..

27 May

: Lagi “LAPORAN POLIS TENTANG ISU DAKWAT KEKAL” di Balik Pulau ” penipuan dilawan

27 May

Inilah laporan polis yg dikemukakan oleh DS berhubung isu dakwat kekal.



Pakistani voted twice, claims name still on roll

SABAH RCI A Pakistan national who had obtained a Malaysian identity card (IC) through dubious means claimed that he had voted twice in general elections and that his name is still on the electoral roll.

Abdul Latif Jumaani, who got his identity card in 1992 at a restaurant in Kota Kinabalu, said he had voted once in Ampang, Selangor, and then in Bahau, Negri Sembilan.

“I wanted to vote again in the last general election as my name is still on the roll but I had no document to travel to the peninsula,” he told the royal commission of inquiry (RCI) on illegal immigrants in Sabah.

He said this was because he was informed “four or five months ago” by the National Registration Department (NRD) that his identity card had been cancelled.

He could not remember which year he had voted, initially saying “2006 and 1995″.

When told there was no general election in 2006, he said: “I can’t remember correctly, but (Abdullah Ahmad) Badawi was the prime minister then.”

Abdul Latif – who entered Malaysia via Kuala Lumpur from Pakistan in 1983 and whose real name is Abdul Latif Abdul Aziz Khan – found that his IC was cancelled when he tried to get a replacement upon losing it at a rest area in Nilai in 2002.

A fake with the same birth date

After many years of telling Abdul Latif that his IC is still “under process”, the NRD eventually told him that his application had been cancelled as it belonged to someone else – another Abdul Latif Jumaani.

According to NRD records tender as evidence, the other Abdul Latif, a Bajau, was born in 1958 and his IC – procured via a certificate of status – was issued in 1987.

The Pakistani Abdul Latif’s IC was found to be issued in 1989 and it is noted that he had been born in 1968, albeit on the same day of the month.

Pakistani voted twice, claims name still on roll


Anwar, Azizah lodge police reports against EC for “disappearing” indelible ink

Free Malaysia Today

EC downplays ink fiasco, looking into defects

Priscilla Prasena | May 27, 2013

The quality of ink doesn’t determine the victory of any political party, explains the EC deputy chairman.

PUTRAJAYA: The Election Commission today dismissed fraudulent allegations related to the usage of indelible ink during the general election.

“Ink is an added element to the general election, which has an existing strict regulations and law in place,” said EC deputy chairman Wan Ahmad Wan Omar today.

He explained that the quality of the ink does not affect a candidate’s victory or defeat in any election, as the names and identity numbers of the voters will be cancelled by the polling agents upon voting, thus dismissing any fears of phantom voters voting more than once.

“It is impossible for a voter to vote for the second time. There are no duplications in the electoral registration,” he told FMT today.

“EC was surprised when the indelible ink was washable as when we tested it was indelible. However we have formed a committee to study on its defects,” he said.

He also stressed that there was a guide on how the ink should be applied on voters.

“There is a proper way of using the ink… the bottle will have to be shaken and double coat is advised. However, we are unsure if all levels (of election volunteers) adhered to the instructions.”

EC downplays ink fiasco, looking into defects

Malaysian Insider

Anwar: Thousands of reports so far against indelible ink fiasco

UPDATED @ 06:01:02 PM 27-05-2013

May 27, 2013

Anwar (right) and Wan Azizah are seated at a counter of a police station at Tropicana in Petaling Jaya, May 27, 2013. — Picture by Saw Siow FengPETALING JAYA, May 27 — Thousands are swarming police stations nationwide to lodge reports on the alleged failure of the indelible ink used in the recent general election, answering Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) call for help with its campaign to prove cheating during Election 2013, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said today.

The PR de facto leader, who lodged the same report this afternoon at the Tropicana police station here with his wife Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, told a press conference that the reports proved an attempt by the authorities to manipulate the results of the polls.

“We have thousands (of reports) thus far… I don’t have the official figures but today, I’ve been informed that all over the country, similar reports have been made.

“We did announce that only those who could satisfy the position, i.e. that they did vote and secondly, that the black ink disappeared either on the first or following day (of the polls),” he said after lodging the report.

Anwar: Thousands of reports so far against indelible ink fiasco


Rakyat malaysia di saran agar buat laporan polis di seluruh negara mengenai dakwaan SPR, dakwat kekal, tetapi hakikatnya tak kekal.

”Saya…., No Kad Pengenalan…. telah mengundi di dalam PRU Ke-13 pada 5/5/2013 di Daerah Mengundi…, Parlimen… pada jam. Saya basuh jari yang dicalit dakwat kekal pada jam… hari yang sama mendapati semua dakwat yang dicalitkan pada jari saya telah habis tertanggal, saya membuat laporan ini untuk menyatakan dakwat itu tidak kekal, ini bertentangan dengan kenyataan Pengerusi Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya atau SPR yang menyatakan dakwat itu kekal seperti peruntukan Undang2 Pilihanraya. Ini adalah satu penipuan oleh Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya atau SPR”.



Pakatan Rakyat Supporters
Like This Page · 21 hours ago

Rakyat Malaysia in policy advice to create reports across the country on charges of SPR,indelible ink that is not indelible….

I …., No Introduction Kad …. PRU had cast my vote in the 13th on 05.05.2013 at Regional Drawing lots, Parlimen . I washed the finger of the indelible ink. The same day I found that all the indelible ink on my fingers were gone. I make this statement to declare that the indelible ink is not indelible, and this contradicts the statement of the Pengerusi Pilihanraya or SPR Suruhanjaya dakwat that such designation undang2 Pilihanraya is ndelible. This is a scam by Pilihanraya or SPR Suruhanjaya”.


Free Malaysia Today

‘EC must explain discrepancy’

Luke Rintod | May 27, 2013

Surprised voters said are confused by the very high turnout when in their view the turnout could be only between 65% to 72%, or even lower in some areas.

KOTA KINABALU: The election figures released by the Election Commission are raising eyebrows here.

With Malaysia’s registered voters numbering 13.3 million and the average turnout said to be 80%, this should translate into about 10.6 million votes cast.

But talk among polls watchers and the internet is that the total number of vote slips counted on May 5 was higher than this.

The discrepancy is baffling minds here. Many observers now want the Election Commission, better known as SPR, to explain the discrepancy.

They have also raised questions over the delay in releasing accurate data on the final tally.

Already in Sabah, surprised voters said they were confused by “the very high turnout” when in their view the turnout could be only between 65% to 72%, or even lower in some areas.

A voter here who spoke on condition of anonymity claimed that when he came to vote at about 1.30pm on the polling day on May 5, he found only three or four names underlined (a mark that they had voted) on the same page his name appeared.

“How could it be the turnout was that high … more than 80%?” he asked.

“What intrigued me more was that we found out that the counting agents of political parties in certain counting stations were not given a copy of the Form 14 that spells out the final tally for the (various) streams in the polling station.

“I am not sure if the political parties did find out whether the final records announced at the tallying centre in the town were similar to those recorded in the various polling stations,” he said.



MP for Kelana Jaya make a police report on the indelible ink that was easily wash off.Have you make a police report?




PKR targets 100,000 police reports over alleged poll fraud

PETALING JAYA (May 25, 2013): PKR de-facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim will be lodging a police report against the Election Commission (EC) over the ‘not-so-indelible’ ink issue and urged all PKR division and branch leaders who have proof of the incident to do the same.

Anwar said he will be lodging his police report at the Permatang Pauh police station on Monday as he is a voter and Parliamentarian in the constituency.

“We want to resolve all issues of fraud in the 13th general elections before discussing on the 14th general elections,” said Anwar in his winding up speech at the 9th PKR National Congress here.

“We need to present solid evidence which is based on facts,” stressed Anwar, adding that PKR had received advice from its team of lawyers that the police reports would lend credence to the election petitions to be filed by the party for 30 seats.

“This is a big battle. Many people had been beaten up and arrested just to demand the use of indelible ink.

“Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak had finally agreed to the request with full knowledge of the fraudulent practises,” he claimed.

PKR targets 100,000 police reports over alleged poll fraud



More parties to file polls petitions

PETALING JAYA (May 26, 2013): Gerakan is considering filing two election petitions over the results of the 13th general election (GE13), acting president Datuk Chang Ko Youn said.

However, he declined to name the seats, except to say one is parliamentary and the other, a state seat.

“We have sent all the details to BN’s legal team to determine the likelihood of winning a petition.

“We have to make sure we have sufficient grounds to win or we won’t waste time filing a petition,” he said when contacted today.

Candidates and political parties have 21 days from the May 22 gazetting of the results of the May 5 polls to file their petitions in the High Court.

Kelantan Umno liaison committee chairman Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed, meanwhile, said on Saturday that petitions would be filed for the Bachok parliamentary and three state seats including Jelawat.

Bernama reports that PAS is expected to file 20 petitions.

Its secretary-general Datuk Mustafa Ali was quoted as saying the petitions include for the Kuala Selangor parliamentary and state seats in Perak and Terengganu.

“The special committee has listed 20 petitions.

“It may be more or less and will be finalised later,” he told Bernama today.

Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) plans to file 27 petitions involving both parliamentary and state seats but DAP has not decided on the matter.

More parties to file polls petitions



PKR claims extra votes appeared in ballot box

PKR today began revealing its claims on electoral fraud in detail, zooming in on the parliamentary constituency of Balik Pulau where, mysteriously, more ballots were cast than what was actually issued.

PKR director of strategy Rafizi Ramli claimed that at stream two of the polling station at SJK(C) Yu Chye, Form 13 showed that a total of 424 votes were issued.

However, he said after the results were tallied, Form 14 showed that a total of 562 votes were in the ballot box, a surplus of 138 votes more than what was actually issued.

“With the small majority and the high number of spoilt votes, the results in stream two alone are enough to sway the results in the parliamentary constituency of Balik Pulau and its state seat of Telok Bahang,” Rafizi told a press conference at the PKR headquarters this morning.

PKR claims extra votes appeared in ballot box



EC officers in Ketereh opened ballot bags, says PKR

Election Commission (EC) officers are said to have opened up ballot bags stored in a municipal council office in Ketereh, Kelantan, on May 7 without being an order from the High Court.

NONEKetereh PKR Youth chief Mohd Sukirman Mustafa told Malaysiakini that some of his party members and members of the public lodged police reports on the matter on May 16.

The EC officers, according to Sukirman, had come with the presence of police and claimed to have obtained instructions from their superiors to do so, even though election regulations stipulate that ballot bags can only be opened with a High Court order.

However, the officers who cut the safety seals on the ballot bags, did not remove anything from the bags kept in a room in the Ketereh Municipal Council.

PKR has evidence in the form of pictures

“They merely opened the bags and ransacked them a little, though they did not take anything away from them,” Sukirman said.

He said the PKR branch there was notified by a concerned citizen, who told them about the bags being opened by EC officers about 11am on May 7.

NONESukirman said PKR members captured pictures of an EC officer opening the ballot bags and were now awaiting an explanation on the matter from the EC.

However, he added, the party would consider taking this matter to court to challenge the authority of EC officers to open sealed ballot bags.

Regulation 26 of the Election Regulations Act 1958 states that ballot bags can only have their safety seals opened on an order issued by the High Court.

EC officers in Ketereh opened ballot bags, says PKR



Free Malaysia Today

‘RM50 to buy voters in Bukit Melawati’

K Pragalath | May 20, 2013

The 2:17 minute video features the voice of a BN candidate who won the Bukit Melawati state seat, along with a MIC representative.

PETALING JAYA: Evidence of alleged vote buying during GE13 at the Bukit Melawati state seat has emerged on video sharing site, YouTube.

(See video above)

Bukit Melawati PKR candidate S Manikavasagam has put up a video with audio clips as proof that BN had bribed voters to win over the seat.

There are two portions in the 2:17 minutes clip allegedly featuring Selangor MIC information chief L Sivasubramanian and Bukit Melawati state legislative assembly member Jakiran Jacomah.

In the first, ‘Sivasubramanian’ tells a caller over the telephone that BN provided funds for 80 people but 124 people arrived to collect the cash.

Each of the 80 people received a payment of RM50.

“Jakiran gave the money. Of the 80, we paid 37 people at Teluk Piah polling station. We gave out all the money by 4 pm on polling day,” claimed the person identified as Sivasubramanian.

In the second part, Bukit Melawati state representative Jakiran Jacomah of Umno admitted that RM50 was given out.

“The money was given out to cover costs for petrol. It is nothing,” said Jakiran.

In GE13, Manikavasagam was defeated by Jakiran of Umno with a 806 majority votes. Jakiran polled 7,296 votes to Manikavasagam’s 6490 votes.



Free Malaysia Today

PKR reveals proof of phantom voters

G Vinod | May 20, 2013

PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli says that eight individuals from various constituencies were denied the right to vote as someone else had used their identities to cast the ballots.


PETALING JAYA: In a series of exposes on electoral fraud, PKR today revealed a case where eight individuals in various constituencies were denied the right to vote as someone else had cast the ballots using their identities.

Speaking at a press conference today, PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli said that the individuals affected had lodged police reports on the matter and are still waiting for action from the authorities.

“This shows that the existence of identical MyKads given to various individuals so that they can become phantom voters,” he alleged.

Pakatan Rakyat had alleged that the recent general election was marred with irregularities and had embarked on a series of rallies to inform the public of the matter.

The opposition pact also added that they would file election petitions for about 30 parliamentary seats.



Postal votes for sale?

Harakahdaily, 16 May 2013

May 16: Kelantan PAS information chief Mohamed Fadzli Hassan claimed that the party detected a syndicate buying unused postal votes with prices up to RM300 per ballot paper, RM200 allocated for the seller and RM100 for the running agent.

“Postal voters met by PAS activists revealed that a certain party had offered some amount of payment for the unmarked ballot papers,” he said, adding that the syndicate was detected to be operating in the Bachok, Machang and Tumpat parliamentary constituencies.

Fadzli described the matter as serious and a threat to the country’s democratic system.

Kelantan PAS election director Wan Nick Wan Yusoff meanwhile urged the authorities to investigate the matter immediately.

In the just concluded polls, some 84 percent of 13,268,002 registered voters in the country cast their ballots, and these included those who voted in advance, among them 240,000 Election Commision workers.

Meanwhile, Kelantan PAS Youth’s legal bureau head Mohd Abdul Rashid Yah claimed to have received reports that several teachers using postal voting had been forced to cast their votes in front of the district education officer.

“In fact, there were complainants who claimed that the head of department had asked for the postal ballots to be passed to their bosses for collection. This violates Article 119 of Federal Constitution,” he added.


MALAYSIA PRU 13 / GE 13: Dirty Election Rigged and Fraud Ballot Boxes being…


MALAYSIA PRU 13 / GE 13: Vote for Cash !! Buying votes in the open Part 2…


This is from the Aliran report.

EXPOSED: Post-election payouts in Penang

Following tip-offs from the public, an Aliran special investigation team checked out a shoplot in Penang and came away astounded by what was happening in broad daylight.

Payout time! Janji ditepati

Payout time! Janji ditepati

Yesterday, Aliran members received tip-offs from the public about a payout to voters:

… it is payout time for voters in the Parliamentary constituency of Balik Pulau and the three state seats under it. Voters there are given RM200 each by don’t know who.

You may file a report on this menace as the exercise to pay voters is ongoing. I saw it yesterday, where long queues formed outside a shophouse in Sungai Dua, Penang. Opposite TESCO extra, behind Magnum 4D. This outlet which (allegedly) collects illegal 4d bets and also (acts) as an illegal gambling centre is paying out, and the exercise is continuing today, I was told.


You help me, I help you?

Another member of the public sent us a tip-off with this message:

Attached promissory note given by agents of BN Bayan Lepas. In the event of BN victory in Bayan Lepas, RM160 will be paid to the holder (see voucher above).

This receipt shows “S38″, which presumably relates to the N38 Bayan Lepas state seat. As it turned out, N38 was won by Noordin Ahmad of the BN, who increased his majority from 399 votes in 2008 to 458 this time.

Click on the link and read for yourself…also watch videos!



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