PCCC denies Penang Chinese community welcomes Najib’s visit


Received via WhtsApp.

Was told politicians and underworld taikor working hand-in-hand in these two days events in Pg. You may notice the clan Chew Jetty Association and other small insignificant clan association which are normally supported and run by traid members. The places Najib scheduled to visit like temples, food court, big kopitiam are control by traid known to be used by BN, whic used to be their financial backer and paid ground election handlers. You may notice the two main bodies ie Pg Chinese Chinese Town Hall and Chinese Chamber of Commerce, that control and manage Chinese affairs (biz or cultural activities) is not involved this time. They know the consequence and reaction they may receive from the community. The two days event is almost a repeat of Najib’s visit to Pg prior to GE14 organised by Jho low & Goh Choon Lai and gang. This charade is testament that “Cash is still King”.
Chia-lat! I would say ” chin boh bin” too for Pg lang, which is well known for their resistance and tenacity.




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