The DAP-led PR won Penang in the 2008 Election, and repeated its victory in 2013 and 2018 (as PH)


How realistic are Najib and MCA when they boast of capturing Penang in GE 15?

Nothing is impossible but it is highly unlikely that they will gain enough Chinese votes.

The last time the MCA won any seat in Penang was in 2004 at GE 11. It had 4 seats. After that, it lost. In GE 12, GE 13 and GE 14, it won nothing.


GE 14: 2018

PH 37 seats versus BN 3 seats


GE 13: 2013

PR 30 seats versus BN 10 seats


GE 12: 2013

PR 29 seats versus BN 11 seats


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