Latest Anti-West propaganda taking advantage of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine: Why Putin is hated today and not the actual mass murderers of the West


Received via WhatsApp.

Who wrote it? The last paragraph is a give away. That last paragraph as well as the title betrays it to be propaganda.

Conveniently left out is a non White, Mao Zedong, perhaps the greatest mass murderer ever.


This is the message.

From a friend: Why Putin is Hated Today & Not the Actual Mass Murderers of the West?

Dear Friends, please check ✅ ths:

▪️When the Germans mass murdered more than 300,000 Namibians in Africa they were not hated in Europe.
▪️When King Leopold II killed more than 15 million Congolese, he was not hated in Europe.
▪️When the British Colonialists starved 5 million Bengalis to death, they were not hated in Europe.
▪️When the French Colonialists brutally murdered more than 2 million Algerian civilians, they were not hated in Europe.
▪️When the American Imperialists murdered more than 4 million Vietnamese civilians, they were not hated in Europe.
▪️When the genocidal American Imperialists dropped two Atomic Bombs on Japan and not on Germany and killed more than 300,000 mostly Japanese women and children, they were not hated in Europe.
▪️When US & UK regimes murdered more than one million Iraqis that included 500,000 innocent children, they were not hated in Europe.

The best British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, who famously recruited the AlSaud gang was not less racist than Adolf Hitler of Germany. These two Europeans were on the same level of racism. The main reason why they hated Adolf Hitler was because the treatment of mass murder, genocide and concentrated camp that they solely reserved for Africans, Arabs of Algeria and occupied Palestine, Indians and Vietnamese of Asia, Hitler inflicted Europeans with such treatment. This is the main reason why they hate that guy and demonized him forever.

If Vladimir Putin had invaded an African or Asian country, there will be silent or little sound in Europe and the rest of the arrogant West. Today even Russian cats were sanctioned because a European country, Ukraine, was invaded by Russia. To then Putin broke their golden rule and crossed their redline.

It is important to note that in the course of human history, no race has mass murdered millions of innocent and defenseless civilians like Europeans and their extension in USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In these 4 mentioned countries, they wiped out the entire Indigenous population because they considered them “uncivilized” and stole their lands. The same way they presently considered Palestinians, Afghans, Iraqis, Yemenis and Syrians “uncivilized” today.

Statistically, more than 90% of all genocides perpetrated in the last 300 years were perpetrated by Western powers. And more than 80% of all wars since the Second World War were initiated by the United States of America. More than 30 million innocent and defenseless civilians killed in those wars.

On a final note, the great nations of the South including Africa must rise up to defeat the bloodthirsty and genocidal instinct and acute racism of the genocidal imperialist barbarians of the West to save their population from extinction.


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