Abdul Halim, Bersatu, cheers for Pakatan Harapan



Saturday, 05 Mar 2022 3:53 PM MYT

JOHOR BAHRU: A Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) leader in Johor who mistakenly cheered for Pakatan Harapan on live TV, is currently going viral on social media.

The Bersatu leader in Mersing, A Halim, was chanting “Pakatan Harapan” along with his supporters clad in blue, until a man in a black face mask whispered to him, and was believed to be correcting him.

Halim, who looked bewildered then corrected himself and chanted “Perikatan Nasional”.

The 47-second clip, which was aired live on Astro Awani, was shared on the Facebook page of Tentera Troll Kebangsaan Malaysia (TTKM) on Saturday (March 5).

Halim was believed to be addressing a press conference representing Mersing Bersatu division members, who all declared their allegiance to the party and Perikatan after Laili Yusof resigned as Mersing Bersatu division chief on March 4.

Social media users were quick to land criticisms on Facebook, where some even joked that Halim had forgotten which coalition he was affiliated to.

Bersatu was formerly part of Pakatan, until the “Sheraton Move” in February 2020.






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