A Pun on Novak Djokovic: The Grand Slam (author unknown to me)


Received via WhatsApp:

The Grand Slam:

  • The “Novak scene” created by the “no vaccine”, has ended in everyone enjoying a poke at his expense. The D’joks are all on him.
  • The Aussies have banged the door shut right in front of his face. They call it a Grand Slam!
  • With Twenty won, he could have made it Twenty-One, but he will now have to kiss this chance goodbye.
    Clearly, a Grand slam.
  • By trying to preserve the (Mel)Bourne Identity and the (Mel)Bourne Supremacy, the Victorians have given him the (Mel)Bourne Ultimatum.
  • The Aussies allege that “A Serb has turned acerb”. “He has created a Balkanic eruption of sorts”.
  • One needs lots of guts to create a racket and, when tension is increased, it becomes high strung.
  • A flurry of exchanges, are going on between the Balkan and Australian governments – it is called “Serb and volley”.
  • The Serbians allege that there is no match for Djokovic since there is no match for Djokovic. Either way, he is matchless.
  • No one expected ‘the one seed’ to ‘exceed’ and become a Tennis, the Menace.

Someone overheard Djok saying “O my crown. Lost because of Omicron”.

  • And because he can’t go to court, he has decided to go to court. He would accuse them of ‘vic’ hunting.
  • For Novak, the Australian Open has become Australian Close, whereas for me, it is Australian O’pun.


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