When a rubbish collector’s job pays better: It’s in Singapore and you get the mighty Singapore dollar! #Eday



SINGAPORE: An inspirational quote by Steve Jobs, a co-founder of Apple Inc, to love whatever work one is doing has seen two Malaysian graduates work as rubbish collectors in Singapore.

Muhammad Khidir Samsudin, who prefers to be called Eday, and his colleague, Mohd Yuamirul Che Yussoff, recently became the focus of attention on social media when they returned an iPad Pro belonging to a Singaporean. They had found it disposed of accidentally in a recycle bin.

Eday, from Batu Pahat, Johor, when contacted by Bernama, said he has a Science Development degree from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

“It is not wrong for me to gain experience in this waste management sector,” explained Eday, who intends to stay on in the job for three years.

“This will make me better understand the work process and I will be more appreciative of my subordinates one day,” he said, adding he had the blessings of both his parents.

Asked why he was not doing the same job in Malaysia, Eday said he was paid in Singapore currency and this was a great attraction.

“What I get here at the end of every month surpasses the salary of junior executives in Malaysia. And in Malaysia, you need at least three years’ working experience as well.

“If I return to Malaysia one day, I can say that I have had experience working in a foreign company,” said Eday, who is now working with SembWaste Pte Ltd, which is part of the Sembcorp Group, a leading energy, urban development and marine group.

Eday said he had done a lot of part-time jobs, including as a temporary teacher at a school in Batu Pahat and at a small business related to wearing mascots.




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