Junius Ho, pro-Beijing lawmaker, faces disciplinary hearing by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal in England…


by SELINA CHENG14:30, 23 OCTOBER 2020Print

Pro-Beijing lawmaker Junius Ho says he will take part next month in an online hearing before the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal in England, which could see him stripped of his licence to practise law there over an alleged threat of violence against political opponents.

The tribunal under the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA) will decide whether Ho committed misconduct, based on remarks he made during a rally in Hong Kong in 2017. A successful prosecution may strip Ho of his license to practice as a lawyer in England and Wales.

In an interview with Apple Daily on Thursday, Ho said legal authorities had “fundamentally misunderstood what happened” and pursuing the case years later was “regrettable for the UK.”

“Whatever will be the outcome, I’ll accept it calmly. But it will be the UK’s loss,” Ho said, referring to potentially losing his lawyer’s status. He said he had also made a written submission to the disciplinary body, which only covers England and Wales.

The SRA has decided to prosecute Ho for his remarks at the rally in September 2017, Hong Kong Watch activist Luke de Pulford posted on Twitter this week. It will meet between December 14-17 to decide whether his remarks “carried a meaning to the effect that political opponents to the issue under discussion should be killed,” “were capable of being perceived as inciting violence against opponents,” and “were capable of causing offence.”

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