No, I am not sympathetic. I hope that even the ministers and deputy minister got arrested, too.


Received via WhatsApp and slightly edited by me.

This is from an ex teacher of STS Segamat.

I am not enjoying my weekends and definitely NOT with a RM 1000 compound fine. The authorities now is coming down hard to the public. So folks, please put on your masks and REMEMBER to register your name or scan the QR code with your mobile phone when you enter into any premises even for 1 minute.

I went to 7-11 to withdraw my money at the ATM machine yesterday.The moment when I was about to step out from the shop, there were two plain clothes policemen waiting for me. They asked why I didn’t register my name ? I replied, “I only go to withdraw my money just like what I normally do when I go to any banks to withdraw my money.”

I told them, “Do you register your name when you go to a bank to withdraw from the ATM now?”

The plain clothes police officer replied. “This is not a bank. The name register book and the QR code is there. You must register whenever you are in any of the premises.”

I was taken to the police station, placed in a room with all 30 MCO violators, mostly people who did not register their names.

I heard so many ridiculous encounters. Some were even caught without a mask while waiting for their food to be served. Some of them were even caught for having their names registered in the morning but were found caught in the afternoon as their name did not appear in the afternoon register ledger in a coffee shop. Some of them were handcuffed for some reasons unknown of. I was made to wait in the police station for approximately 5 hours for the compund summon to be issued. During the waiting process, i was made to stand at one corner to have my photo taken. Luckiliy, they did not ask for my finger prints otherwise it makes me feel tht I am somehow like a criminal. Wht really perplexed me was tht they take a photo of my compound summons (as shown at pic below).

For the least, it is some how worth remembering for them…So folks whatever it is , please adhere to SOP. The policemen are extremely hardworking nowadays..


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