Dexamethasone: A breakthrough cure for Covid-19?





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1 Response to Dexamethasone: A breakthrough cure for Covid-19?

  1. E Lye says:

    It is either power, influence or money that drives
    events like the Covid-19 fearmongering of Xth-wave,
    will be with us forever, no cure, highly contagious,
    new normal, etc. We have seen the same with climate
    change/global warming alarmists. It is a good business.
    Impossible to refute – cmon, how many of us care to go
    counting polar bears? eh – and how many of us can even
    spot a coronavirus headed straight at us?

    It is a non-stop gravy train. Why? Because the US
    government will not pour tons of money at a disease
    – like high doses of Vitamin C, dexamethasone,
    Hydroxychloroquine with zinc, etc. The answer is always
    money. Thats’s why so many people are racing to develop
    a vaccine.

    Here is what Del Bigtree has to say: “ICAN can now
    officially confirm that officials within the National
    Institute of Health (NIH) who are working to develop a
    vaccine for novel coronavirus (COVID-19) stand to
    personally earn millions of dollars from sales of this

    When government officials will profit from the sale of
    a product, there is cause for concern regarding their
    licensure and promotion of that product.

    The first vaccine for COVID-19 to begin trials in the
    United States is mRNA-1273. This experimental vaccine
    was developed by Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institute
    of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID), which is
    part of the NIH, along with a biotech company, Moderna
    Inc., the company that will sell this product to the

    To receive a share of the profit from the sale of
    mRNA-1273, the inventors of this product within NIAID
    would submit an Employee Invention Report to the NIH
    Office of Technology Transfer. Each inventor stands to
    receive a personal payment of up to $150k annually from
    the sales of mRNA-1273. NIAID also stands to earn
    millions of dollars in revenue from the sale of
    mRNA-1273 in addition to what its inventors within
    NIAID earn personally.

    Moderna will pay a license fee to NIAID (or its parent
    agency) to use its patents related to mRNA-1273 and a
    portion of those fees are then paid directly to the
    inventors within NIAID who developed those patents.

    There are two patents for which the following six
    individuals in NIAID appear to be listed as inventors
    which relate to development of mRNA-1273:

    Barney Graham, Deputy Director, NIAID Vaccine Research
    Center Kizzmekia Shanta Corbett, Scientific Lead,
    NIAID’s Coronavirus Vaccine Program Michael Gordon
    Joyce, NIAID Hadi Yassine, NIAID Masaru Kanekiyo, NIAID
    Olubukola Abiona, NIAID

    To confirm these findings, ICAN had its legal team,
    headed by Aaron Siri, obtain directly from NIH copies
    of the Employee Invention Reports submitted by NIAID
    officials with regard to the COVID-19 vaccine. NIH has
    now produced those reports which confirm that the above
    individuals are indeed listed as inventors. Hence,
    these individuals within Dr. Fauci’s NIAID, and their
    heirs, will each potentially earn millions of dollars
    personally from sales of mRNA-1273 over the next twenty
    years. NIAID also stands to earn millions annually from
    the sale of this vaccine.

    Given the potentially significant personal financial
    interests of individuals within NIAID, it may not be
    surprising that NIAID used taxpayer dollars to sponsor,
    assume responsibility for, and perform the first
    clinical trial of this vaccine. There is a clear
    conflict in having NIAID, whose employees stand to
    potentially earn millions of dollars from this vaccine,
    overseeing and conducting the clinical trial for
    mRNA-1273. This clinical trial information is what
    NIAID’s sister agency, the FDA, will then rely upon to
    license the mRNA-1732 for public use.

    NIAID’s parent department, HHS, has also awarded $483
    million to accelerate development of mRNA-1273,
    including to “fund the development of mRNA-1273 to FDA
    licensure and manufacturing process scale-up to enable
    large-scale production in 2020 [before licensure is
    granted].” The U.S. Government has also already reached
    a $1.5 billion deal to purchase 100 million doses of
    mRNA-1273. HHS has even granted those developing and
    selling this product, including NIAID and Moderna,
    broad immunity from liability for injuries caused by
    this product.

    Dr. Fauci has been tirelessly promoting the mRNA-1273
    vaccine that will potentially make individuals in his
    agency millionaires and will drive millions more
    dollars into his agency. It should not be permissible
    that the federal department responsible for testing and
    licensing a product would include individuals who stand
    to earn millions of dollars from selling that product.
    It creates conflicts of interest that can cloud the
    vision of the most clear-eyed individuals.”

    I see clear conflicts of interest.

    In Malaysia we have 125 deaths per 31 million. Do the
    math. Ask an actuary. Have the US figures ever been
    audited? Shouldn’t they be? Isn’t the cure worse than
    the disease?

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