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A dress code at the police station?

.. Dear @PDRMsia To my knowledge they were no announcement by IGP about dress code. I received this on my FB page, please clarify this? pic.twitter.com/YlaV9vJoE3 — RANJIT Singh (@citizen_ranjit) June 5, 2020

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Greta Thunberg: Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro failed to manage the Covid-19 crisis: Sweet revenge for being called a brat by him?

.. Brazil accused of hiding data on coronavirus crisis https://t.co/W1ei5InUFy — Financial Times (@FT) June 7, 2020 .. With 1,000 daily deaths: That’s Brazil! .. @GretaThunberg Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro pic.twitter.com/iuJu2P2XRK — Carlos (@Carlos93719073) May 24, 2020 .. Brazil's Bolsonaro … Continue reading

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A rise in US jobs! A glimpse of clear skies through the dark clouds of the Covid-19 pandemic?

.. .. https://t.co/GdRdvwizq6"Misclassification error" lowers unemployment by 3 points: BLS "investigating why this misclassification error continues to occur… (besides making it look better) However, according to usual practice, the data from the household survey are accepted." — Bill Bush (@ReporterBush) … Continue reading

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Heidy Quah: Of RM12 Maggi, rags for diapers and cramped cells…

.. That describes life in a Malaysian immigration detention center… What immigration detention is like: Cramped cells, no place to sleep. Barely any food to eat. Free bleeding because no access to sanitary pads. Wet rags as diapers for babies. … Continue reading

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Dr Mahathir: They wanted to replace the Health DG with a politician but…

.. Mahathir alludes to failed attempt to replace Health DG with politician https://t.co/dFqNEHrPx9 pic.twitter.com/UTK7ryZKkO — malaysiakini.com (@malaysiakini) June 5, 2020 https://m.malaysiakini.com/news/528943 .. Now you know why fake news are circulating about the Health DG… ..

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Dr Mahathir: Stop using the MACC or other enforcement agencies to harass the opposition!

.. šŸ˜Ŗ Watch Siti Nurul Hidayah, personal assistant of Syed Saddiq, speak on #MACC officers alleged threats against her -confiscated her mobile phone, threw the phone at her, used curse words, threatened to slap her, kicked her chair, switched off … Continue reading

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5 June 2020: LIVE now. Tun Mahathir’s Press Conference.

.. Dr Mahathir predicted that Bersatu will lose in the next general election #GE15 because UMNO is going to contest in all seats won by Bersatu. He also added that with #COVID19 and financial constraints , this is a bad … Continue reading

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Another conspiracy theory. The Atlantis Report: The planned collapse of America…

.. Another conspiracy theory: the Deep State planned it all.https://t.co/YS8iQxNIb4 — KittySnow (@KittySn52889207) June 5, 2020 "Evidence" that the riots were pre-planned, directed by the Deep State…https://t.co/s7ysGplaGD — KittySnow (@KittySn52889207) June 5, 2020 .. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/craigsilverman/investigating-bricks-at-protests .. https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2020/jun/03/blog-posting/fact-checking-theories-about-bricks-and-black-live/

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How an American single mother became an informer for Chinese spies | South China Morning Post

.. https://amp.scmp.com/magazines/post-magazine/long-reads/article/3087185/how-american-single-mother-became-informer

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Kamarul Zaman Yusoff, who received a “death stare” from Dr Mahathir, is banned by UUM from posting political material on his social media accounts…

.. Who was UUM lecturer Kamarul Zaman Yusoff? He was the man who received a ā€œdeath stareā€ from DrĀ Mahathirā€¦ After GE 14, Kamarul Zaman resigned from his position as the director of UUMā€™s Institute for Malaysian Political Analysis. Political analyst … Continue reading

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