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Australia and China, the Bully in the background…

.. Not just Australia alone, most of European Nations had put all their eggs in one basket, and unfortunately that basket is "Made in China", a China that is run by CCP which is now known to the whole world … Continue reading

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TikTok is still secretly accessing iPhones…

.. TikTok has continued spying on iPhone owners https://t.co/aJZEo4LOVb — KittySnow (@KittySn52889207) June 27, 2020 .. Can you trust TikTok not to abuse its ability to read your iPhone clipboard? https://t.co/vtSNH2y0gW — KittySnow (@KittySn52889207) June 27, 2020 ..

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Does Dr Mahathir want Shafie Apdal for PM 9? Yes! But don’t expect Anwar Ibrahim and PKR to agree.

.. In a joint statement, Amanah president Mohamad Sabu and DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said the matter must still be discussed by their respective party leaders. #FMTNews #PH #Amanah #DAP https://t.co/WiCKDqDCHf — Free Malaysia Today (@fmtoday) June 27, 2020 … Continue reading

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Datuk Ramachandran Kandasamy and 5 others: Charged with the kidnap and murder of Datuk Seri R Arumugam…

.. .. Suspek utama Datuk Ramachandran Kandasamy ,51,berbaju lokap warna ungu bersama lima suspek lain dibawa di Mahkamah Petaling Jaya 9.40 pagi tadi dalam keadaan bergari bagi menghadapi pertuduhan culik dan bunuh seorang pemaju hartanah Datuk Seri Arumugam dalam kejadian … Continue reading

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China triggers fear and alarm in the South China Sea…

.. China is confident it will be able to wrap up talks for a code of conduct in the disputed waters, even as the coronavirus has delayed negotiationsBut with recent stand-offs and Southeast Asian states ramping up their claims, an … Continue reading

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Terence Naidu: Open letter to Buntong Assemblyman, A Sivasubramaniam…

.. Buntong Assemblyman, A Sivasubramaniam, jumped from DAP to Gerakan. From now, the life of a political frog. .. .. ..

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