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Communist China suppresses intellectual freedom at home but exploits intellectual freedom in the USA…

.. Spied on. Fired. Publicly shamed. China’s crackdown on professors reminds many of Mao era By ALICE SUJUNE 27, 20204 AM BEIJING —   The professor was under surveillance. Cameras taped her every lecture. She couldn’t publish or give talks outside the university. … Continue reading

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Parti Reformasi Bersatu Negara (Penaja): A new political party? Highly likely to be fake.

.. Received via WhatsApp. Genuine or fake? .. PARTI PENGHIANAT NASIONAL pic.twitter.com/naiX7VOxfO — aruna (@imfsea_aruna) June 28, 2020 .. #NSTnation Former Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein is not at all surprised by speculation linking him to the establishment of … Continue reading

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The Pentagon: These 20 Chinese firms are owned or controlled by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA)…

.. .. .. .. AFP•June 25, 2020 The Pentagon has published a list of 20 Chinese companies it says are backed by the military, in the latest instance of a running tit-for-tat economic battle between Washington and Beijing. Telecom giant … Continue reading

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Fire at Hospital Sultanah Aminah in JB! 28 June 2020.

.. .. Following hospital fire, crown prince accuses Putrajaya of neglecting Johor https://t.co/9Qtagc3VUo pic.twitter.com/W4qpWIkksw — malaysiakini.com (@malaysiakini) June 29, 2020 .. HSA Fire: Fire dept forensic report in a day or two https://t.co/F4B2GllbB0 pic.twitter.com/MWhEBfMHDr — malaysiakini.com (@malaysiakini) June 28, 2020 … Continue reading

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It’s news when a Lamborghini catches fire!

.. [PHOTOS] A Lamborghini Worth RM2 Million Caught Fire At Pavilion Residences' Parking Lot via @saysdotcom https://t.co/LEfCplSPPK — muadzam (@muadzamm) June 28, 2020 .. Lamborghini catches fire in Bukit Bintang, cause still being investigated https://t.co/gDc9eAZPQB — Malay Mail (@malaymail) June … Continue reading

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Muhyiddin Yassin will remove both the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of Parliament. If he can…

.. FMT Reporters June 28, 2020 11:59 AM PETALING JAYA: A former law minister claimed Muhyiddin Yassin’s move to remove the Dewan Rakyat speaker and his deputy was made to evade the no-confidence motion against him as prime minister next … Continue reading

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Jessica Wolf: How conspiracy theories emerge – and how their storylines fall apart.

.. Just what's needed in the age of #COVID19: An explainer on how conspiracy theories emerge—and how their storylines fall apart https://t.co/8PH1IhudA9 via @physorg_com — delthia ricks 🔬 (@DelthiaRicks) June 27, 2020

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Isn’t this fake news? “My Singapore News: Warning: American fruits and foodstuffs for export to Asia and Africa are intentionally tainted with Coronavirus , so avoid buying and consuming them now for your safety and security.”

.. Can Coronavirus Be Transmitted via Fresh Fruits and Vegetables? .. Can Covid-19 be spread through food and packaging?https://t.co/j3yhCgwt5P — KittySnow (@KittySn52889207) June 28, 2020 https://www.wsj.com/articles/food-exporters-resist-chinas-new-coronavirus-restrictions-11593094481 .. http://mysingaporenews.blogspot.com/2020/06/warning-american-fruits-and-foodstuffs.html?m=1

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Of Mahathir’s racial stereotyping: “Rich urban-dwelling Chinese” and “lazy Malays”…

.. Guan Eng: Skin colour won’t guarantee if you’re rich or poor https://t.co/Z45T4MpKt7 pic.twitter.com/fy51GcUZdS — malaysiakini.com (@malaysiakini) June 30, 2020 .. Received via WhatsApp. Huazong: ‘Chinese are rich’ notion is harmful to the nation and must be stopped immediately KUALA … Continue reading

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