China and Taiwan: Eyeball to Eyeball!


CHINA has been warned any further aggression in the South China Sea could provoke a war with Taiwan, in a bold statement from the country’s defence ministry.

PUBLISHED: 16:35, Fri, Aug 21, 2020 | UPDATED: 16:35, Fri, Aug 21, 2020

China has looked to increase its territory in the region and has stated Taiwan will eventually be reclaimed by Beijing. In light of China’s aggressive stance in the region, Taiwan has warned Beijing not to underestimate its military strength. To show its military arsenal, Taiwan’s defence ministry filmed a video showcasing a live-fire drill.

The ministry also warned any further threats from China will only go further in strengthening the country’s resolve against Beijing.

In the video, Taiwan shows a wide range of military equipment including F-16 fighter jets.

Last year, Taiwan agreed a deal for 66 of the F-16 jets from the US.

The deal was worth $8billion (£6.1billion) and was a further sign of Donald Trump’s commitment to maintaining the defence treaty between the two countries.


Reuters -July 2, 2020 6:02 PM

TAIPEI: Taiwan’s armed forces carried out live fire drills on its west coast on Thursday practising “enemy annihilation on the shore”, ahead of its main annual exercises later this month and as China steps up military activities near the island it claims.

Taiwan has complained in recent months of repeated Chinese air force patrols near it, in some cases crossing into Taiwan-controlled airspace. In April, a Chinese naval flotilla led by the country’s first aircraft carrier passed near Taiwan.

China claims the democratic island as its own territory, and has never renounced the use of force to bring it under Beijing’s control. Taiwan has shown no interest in being run by China.

The drills, in a coastal area facing the sensitive Taiwan Strait, simulated fending off an attempted landing by enemy forces, Taiwan’s Defence Ministry said.

They involved Taiwan’s most modern fighter jet, the F-16V, Apache attack helicopters, tanks and artillery, which fired live rounds, the ministry added, showing pictures of plumes of water in the sea where ordinance had hit their targets.

The drills were aimed at improving the military’s effectiveness at “enemy annihilation on the shore” and to “prevail along the coastline” to stop an enemy invasion, it said.

Taiwan later this month holds its main annual Han Kuang military exercise, which was postponed from earlier this year due to the new coronavirus.


By Liu Xuanzun Source:Global Times
Published: 2020/6/28 23:24:5515

Two bombers of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) reportedly approached the island of Taiwan from the east after crossing the Miyako Strait on Sunday, after PLA aircraft conducted at least eight sorties to Taiwan’s southwestern “airspace” in June alone.

The two H-6K bombers on Sunday flew through the Miyako Strait from the East China Sea, entered the Pacific Ocean, approached Taiwan Island from the east, then returned to base via the same route, according to a press release by Japan’s Defense Ministry Joint Staff on the same day.

Taiwan media said Sunday that there have been no similar missions by the PLA recently, and the Taiwan military was still confirming if the PLA bombers indeed returned from the same route they came, or returned after crossing the Bashi Channel.

By flying through airspace to the east of Taiwan, the PLA showed it can not only strike targets in western Taiwan, but also on the eastern side of the island. From there, PLA warplanes can also conduct anti-access and area denial missions and keep foreign interventions away, a Chinese mainland military expert told the Global Times on Sunday under condition of anonymity.

Prior to the Sunday operation by the H-6Ks, the PLA has sent military aircraft to Taiwan’s southwestern “airspace” at least eight times this month. A variety of military aircraft including the J-10, J-11, and Su-30 fighter jets, and Y-8 special mission aircraft were involved, according to information released by Taiwan’s defense authority.

Many of these missions were believed to be countermeasures against US military aircraft approaches to or even crossing of Taiwan Island.

Chinese mainland military expert and TV commentator Song Zhongping told the Global Times that the PLA operations from both the east and southwest of Taiwan indicate that the PLA is training to suppress the potential US and Japanese reinforcements coming from Guam and the Ryukyu Islands through the Miyako Strait east of Taiwan and through the Bashi, Balintang, and Babuyan channels southwest of Taiwan.

The PLA could use these operations to effectively lockdown the area from foreign forces while ensuring that Taiwan’s forces cannot escape, Song noted.





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