Robin Daverman: Why can’t other countries do what China did to stop the spread of Covid-19? (Quora)


Specially for those ppl asking why has the virus not spread to bear places like Shanghai & Beijing but gone far to Italy, Spain & USA. Read on & try to understand…

Why can’t other countries do what China did to stop the spread of COVID-19?

By Robin Daverman (published in Quora – 22nd March 2020)

China is mostly organized like a department of engineering. The European countries, and the US are mostly run by amateurs or professional politicians with a hobby. This is something people have always known for ages. It just takes an emergency like this to demonstrate the pros and cons of such arrangements

For example, UK’s Secretary of State for Health is The Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP. OK so what does he know about health? He was a banker before, then did a stint in Digital and Media. Italy’s Minister for Health is Roberto Speranza, a political science major. The US Coronavirus task force is headed by Vice President Pence, who was a conservative radio and TV talk show host.

China’s Health Ministry is headed by Ma Xiaowei, who is himself a physician and directed hospitals before. Its department of construction is headed by someone who’s been doing construction for 30 years. Its rail transportation department is headed by someone building trains for 30 years…

So when the State Council formed the “Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council”, headed by the Health Ministry, on January 20th, the head of the logistics immediately rushed to Tianjin to ramp up production of PPEs and disinfectant China pushes all-out production of face masks in virus fight, the head of Construction immediately started organizing for the construction of new hospitals, providing an additional 2,500 ICU beds How China Built Two Coronavirus Hospitals in Just Over a Week, the head of transportation immediately started re-routing all the trains and the flights, and the Health Ministry immediately started organizing medical teams and publishing standard treatment protocols and infection prevention protocols. 40,000 ICU and Pulmonary doctors and nurses rushed to Wuhan to treat the patients, not a single person got infected. New and improved diagnostic and treatment protocols were being published once a week. The latest is the 7th edition. 新型冠状病毒肺炎诊疗方案 (试行第七版)

Basically these guys can all deliver on their part, right? Talks and promises aren’t going to do a thing to the virus. There must be effective ACTION. In Europe, these positions are mostly rewarded to politicians as part of the “coalition building”. So they make speeches. They don’t do the job themselves. Which is kind of bizarre, if you think about it – can you actually vote someone the ability to save patients in ICU…

PS: The other side of the coin is that the Chinese ministers are often not good speakers. In fact, they often don’t even speak in a language that the general public can understand, because their primary audience is other professionals like themselves. For example, when the Chinese Health Ministry gave a talk to the docs on Feb. 10, it went on like “you need to go all the way up as early as possible. Take aggressive measures. Even if there’s no condition to do so, you need to create the condition to do so.” The only people that really get what they are saying are the other ICU docs familiar with Covid-19 treatment. Basically the Health Ministry is saying that the clinical data they’ve gathered showed that patients should be intubated early. Don’t wait until their blood oxygen levels drop precipitously. If they run out of negative chamber rooms they still need to suit up to do the intubation (because some docs won’t do intubation in regular ICU rooms. Intubation is risky to the docs. docs have close face-to-face with the patient at intubation so the risk of infection is super high when they do this).

So the communication problem is there anyway. The difference is that if the guy is a real technical expert and you are not, you won’t understand what he’s saying, then you say, he’s a terrible communicator and I need to elect a guy whose words I can understand. So you elect a guy you can understand perfectly, which solves the communication problem, but everything he says and everything he does is stupid beyond belief. It’s almost like they are grating a violin string over the nerves, but you won’t know it because you are not an expert… The less people are trained / accountable in “hard sciences”, the more superstitious people are about THEMSELVES. C’est la vie!


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