Ravinder Singh: Dear IGP, the police created the burden for itself…


Dear IGP, the police created the burden for itself

Ravinder Singh


LETTER | If the IGP is sad that the “racial and religious issues raised by certain quarters recently are a burden to police”, then he should sit back and reflect with a sincere heart on the history of these happenings.

This is especially so after the erosion of support for Umno started until it was finally thrown out of power and, thereafter to the present day, to understand why “religious and racial issues” are a never-ending phenomena in this country.

Well, thanks to the police for giving face to the racists and bigots. The court order obtained by the police to stop the Chinese education group, Dong Jiao Zong, from holding the meeting on the sudden introduction of Jawi into the vernacular school curriculum, was a grand victory for the bigots and racists, not for the police.

The police surrendered to the racists and bigots. Instead of being tough and facing them off, if need be with all the powers it has, example bringing out the FRU, water cannons, among others, it went meekly to court to obtain an order to stop the meeting.

It should have taken in the persons who issued the threats. Was it taking the cue from politicians who had spoken strongly against Dong Jiao Zong? The police should be working independently and not serving the interests of some desperate politicians.

Which law was the Chinese education group Dong Jiao Zong breaking by holding the meeting behind closed doors?

Were the troublemakers not breaking any law by threatening to create chaos if the meeting went on?

Fantastic victory for the troublemakers. This victory has further emboldened them to repeat such threats and get the police running to get court orders to stop whatever they (the troublemakers) don’t like. Are they (the troublemakers) the ones running the country?

Now, dear IGP, tell us why the “racial and religious issues raised by certain quarters recently are a burden to police”.

By the way, what happened to the case of the Manjung rowdies who trespassed into a convenience store and threatened to break the beer bottles if they were not removed? Have they been charged? They had broken the law.

The law does not say that it does not apply to certain people. If it is enforced in this spirit, then the police will not be burdened by racial and religious issues.

Dear IGP, please search your conscience about the way the law has been enforced that has ended up in emboldening some people to threaten the police that there will be trouble if the police does not stop certain peaceful assemblies, even in closed doors.

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.


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