JD Lovrenciear: This season of Christmas celebrations in Malaysia exposes how far our nation has drifted apart within itself (Letter in Malaysiakini)…


Christmas exposes Peninsular Malaysia losing to Sabah

JD Lovrenciear

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LETTER | This season of Christmas celebrations in Malaysia exposes how far our nation has drifted apart within itself.

Sabah is a showcase of great religious maturity. West Malaysia is caught in a sinking religious intolerance.

As we read of news of how Sabahans celebrated Christmas, very noticeable is the fact that families comprising of a mix of Christians and Muslims have no problem at all in cherishing and sharing the warmth and joy of Christmas.

All across Sabah, Malaysians have revelled in this festive mood of compassion, love, grace and joy.

However, across the other side of the country, Peninsular Malaysia is till this day caught in a war of edicts and warnings ranging from whether Muslims can or cannot wish their Christian friends “Merry Christmas” to whether wearing the costumes of Santa or Santarina is right or wrong.

Somehow, despite all the great claims and showcases of developments and seeming progressive political policies that peninsular Malaysians thump their chest about, their economically poorer fellow Sabahans seem to have gone far ahead with religious maturity and harmony.

What we have witnessed in Sabah exposes how ridiculously Malaysia has been divided because of political interference and manipulation of religion by political parties.

Some may even argue that the majority population of a particular religion determine religious rules in the country.

But sadly what we are loosing is the power to progress as a nation of people through religious acceptance and respect.

What we will eventually witness is a greater Sabah and a weaker Peninsular Malaysia.

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.



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