2008 LETTER FOR MAHATHIR from Dr Syed Alwi Ahmad…

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Think of Proton – shouldn’t your Malay engineers work double hard to improve their products like the Japanese? Malaysia has lots of flora and fauna. Shouldn’t the Malays dive into Biotechnology on account of Malaysia’s flora and fauna? Yet where are the Malay scientists etc? For how long can you evade the shortcomings of the Malays?

You see – Malaysia is not unique in this matter. The whole Muslim world faces the same problem. Muslims simply do NOT do enough to chase after and acquire technology! Indeed – there are no industrialized Muslim countries except possibly – Malaysia!!

The NEP and Ketuanan Melayu has been around a long time. The Malays should have used the opportunity they had wisely. Sadly – your own UMNO abused it! Now the Rakyat wants an end to racialism.

So yes – you are right. The Malaysian Malay is going to suffer because they no longer have the crutch. But that’s Malaysia’s problem.

What I hope is that you and other Malaysian politicians had better not demonise Singapore in the process. You and others better not look down on Singapore Malays.

We Singapore Malays can hold our head high and proudly so. Because we achieve on merit and not quota. It’s a real achievement.

Well – it’s your country and not mine. I think that you first have to deal with the reality of Pakatan Rakyat…..


Best Regards
Dr Syed Alwi Ahmad

Syed Alwi bin Ahmad

Dr. Syed Alwi Ahmad teaches Applied Physics and Applied Physics Lab. at the Centre for American Education in Singapore.  His focus is on Quantum Field Theory and General Relativity. His thesis on black-holes and quantum fields has been published in various conference proceedings. Dr. Syed holds a Ph.D Physics from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA. He obtained his B.Sc from the National University of Singapore.


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1 Response to 2008 LETTER FOR MAHATHIR from Dr Syed Alwi Ahmad…

  1. Ho yanyoy says:

    How very true, respect to Singapore Malays who really worked hard to where they are now. You can hold your head high but be humble,
    Singapore has good leaders. We work as a team.

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