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Fake News about Dyana Sofya and RAMD (Rejimen Askar Melayu DiRaja)…

… Lol seriously?https://t.co/2BX1zr2V32https://t.co/VgGt1IxnuZhttps://t.co/useIqlAs17 Berita tahun 2014. — dyana sofya (@dyanasmd) August 27, 2019 Nak lagi link berita? Ni satu lagi. https://t.co/1fmyyarIR9 — dyana sofya (@dyanasmd) August 27, 2019 ..

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Fumble: Big Blue Taxi Services founder Datuk Shamsubahrin Ismail apologizes to Gojek riders and Indonesia!

… .. Big Blue Taxi chief apologises for calling Indonesians poor after remark sparks outrage among Go-Jek riders | Malay Mail https://t.co/Nu6OOzFIU1 — Ir.Kumar (@skumar176) August 28, 2019 … I blame this stupid taxi boss for the unwarranted @gojekindonesia backlash … Continue reading

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Focus on Najib’s bottom… Lmao!

https://m.malaysiakini.com/news/489691 … 😆😆😆 https://t.co/yuVrUyNFDd — simonthong (@simonwhthong) August 27, 2019 .. https://t.co/rdC2PhqJpkNowwwwwww, @mkinilive_en has made the thief talking thru his arse!! Well done, online media of the week goes to @mkinilive_en !!@pakatanharapan_ @LowElsielow @PisauKarat @jezlai @tg_haslinda @GregLopezPerth @saltedc75766028 — … Continue reading

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