Johor: Was there interference over the Youth age limit? Mahathir wants to know…

27 July 2019


This man’s response suggest that there was…

Suspended Johor Bersatu Youth chief Norul Haszarul Abu Samah today said he is no longer willing to support wing chief Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman over the state palace.

Norul said he has received a letter from the party informing that he had been suspended indefinitely for supporting the Johor government over its decision to maintain the definition of youths as those aged under 40.

The Johor decision went against the newly amended federal definition for youths as those under 30, as pushed for by Syed Saddiq, the youth and sports minister.

Norul said he welcomed his suspension “with an open heart.”

“I am no longer willing to keep quiet when Bersatu Youth’s direction is no longer focused on the people’s agenda and fulfilling their election manifesto promises, and is instead motivated to creating rifts with others, especially the Johor palace.

“As a Malay and son of Johor, I am also unwilling to be at odds with the Johor palace because of the behaviour of the Bersatu Youth chief who always causes problems with the palace,” he said.


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1 Response to Johor: Was there interference over the Youth age limit? Mahathir wants to know…

  1. E Lye says:

    Perhaps TMJ still wishes to be eligible as a youth.

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