Najib’s SRC International Trial. Day 29. 20 June 2019. Highlight: Ex SRC International Sdn Bhd director Suboh Md Yasin said: I fled Malaysia in 2015 in fear of PM Najib Abdul Razak…

20 June 2019


NAJIB TRIAL | Former SRC International Sdn Bhd director Suboh Md Yasin told the Kuala Lumpur High Court that he fled Malaysia in 2015 because he was afraid of the then prime minister Najib Abdul Razak.

“I was afraid because of the situation at the time and also because Najib was the prime minister.

“I didn’t know what could happen to me and my family. I made the decision to flee to Bangkok with my wife. We were there for about a month,” he said, reading from his witness statement.

Prior to fleeing, Suboh said he contacted the MACC in 2015 and offered information regarding SRC which was being investigated at the time.

When he attempted to go to the MACC office, Suboh (below) said an anonymous caller, who claimed to be from MACC, dissuaded him and urge him to leave Malaysia instead.


In July, 2015, Najib had axed then deputy premier Muhyiddin Yassin, cabinet minister Mohd Shafie Apdal, attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail and others.

This followed allegations that RM2.6 billion had flowed into Najib’s personal bank accounts.

While in Bangkok, Suboh said he met a Thai national who provided him and his wife flight tickets to Abu Dhabi, UAE.

He said he was brought to the Rosewood Hotel where he stayed for a week. The cost of flight and lodging was sponsored by unknown persons.

Suboh said he then hid in Bangkok until coming back to Malaysia after the last general election.

“I decided to stop running and remained in Malaysia to help investigators,” he added.


Day 29: Bangkok to Abu Dhabi – SRC key witness on all-paid getaway trip

Hidir Reduan & Hariz Mohd  |  Published:   |  Modified: 


  • Key witness to continue testimony when trial resumes on July 1
  • Bangkok to Abu Dhabi – SRC key witness on all-paid getaway trip
  • ‘I was told to leave M’sia and not assist MACC probe in 2015’
  • ‘Najib didn’t walk out when cabinet discussed SRC International’
  • SRC was ‘the PM’s company’ – witness says a superior told her
  • I was under duress to speed up SRC’s RM2b loan process – witness
  • ‘We only answer to the prime minister’

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