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When a nonentity says “Sorry” to Najib Razak, its BIG news? Only for Umno macai…

… 9 June 2019 .. LAWAK APA NI??? Umno buat propaganda kononnya penyokong PH minta maaf dari Najib.Tapi rupa-rupanya yg meminta maaf tu lembu Pas! 😂😂 Amboi! Takde WhatsApp group ke?? pic.twitter.com/oxcXHORAIt — Adrian Lim Chee En (@adrianlimcheeen) June 9, … Continue reading

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This is Big Trouble! Someone not allowed to, is worshipping a tree! Beware the fury of the religious authorities!

… 9 June 2019 ..   .. This shouldn't be, it's really bad for inter faith harmony. The authorities must move in to remove the tree. https://t.co/KXqtOfhoG6 — EinXnitta (@4msia) June 9, 2019 Macam2 hal pelik berlaku di bwh kerajaan … Continue reading

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Pondan: A pejorative in Malay but a company brand in Indonesia…

… 9 June 2019 .. A pejorative is a word expressing contempt of disiapproval. Pondan is a term that refers to transsexual men, those who have male biology but claim to have female instincts. These people often use the term … Continue reading

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