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In KL: Man runs screaming from his car from a ghost!

… 23 June 2019 .. When a man believes that he sees a ghost, it is real in its consequences… https://t.co/N4DazMcrXA — simonthong (@simonwhthong) June 23, 2019 https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=176835959999640&id=100030197116661 .. . KL Man Runs Out of His Car Screaming and Arms … Continue reading

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Woman, 52, goes amok in Bukit Mertajam, Penang…

… 23 June 2019 .. .. The woman, believed to be mentally ill, attempted to flee the scene by jumping into her Proton Saga and driving out of her parking spot – ramming into a police motorcycle in the process.https://t.co/LLGfwAjd5RContinue reading

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The Johor Palace issues a letter to Salahuddin Ayub reminding him of the royal dress code: Only “eagles” can wear black pants with the baju Melayu!

…   23 June 2019 .. YB Dato Salahuddin Ayub telah bertungkus lumus menjalankan kerja sebagai menteri secara amanah. Ini adalah apa yang rakyat mahu. Rakyat tahu siapa helang siapa pipit.https://t.co/cKXJK3bMCw https://t.co/cKXJK3bMCw — SimTzeTzin 沈志勤 (@simtzetzin) June 23, 2019 .. … Continue reading

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