GE 14: Sungai Besar. Jamal Yunos, BN and Sekinchan…

The parliamentary seat of Sungai Besar will see a three-way fight between BN’s Budiman, Bersatu’s Muslimin Yahaya and PAS’ Muhammad Salleh Mohd Husin.

The state seats under Sungai Besar are the Chinese-majority Sekinchan and Malay-majority Sungai Panjang.

In Sekinchan, DAP’s incumbent Ng Suee Lim will go up against MCA’s Lee Yee Yuan and PAS’ Mod Fadzin Taslimin.

In Sungai Panjang, Umno’s incumbent Mohd Imran Tamrin will face-off against Amanah’s Mariam Abdul Rashid and PAS’ Mohd Razali Saari.

6 May 2018


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VIDEO by | LIVE: Mercedes to be given away at BN concert in Sekinchan



BN’s Budiman charms crowd with Chinese song

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GE14 | Both BN and Pakatan Harapan stepped up their campaigns in Sekinchan tonight.

While Harapan took the conventional route with a ceramah, BN’s Sungai Besar parliamentary candidate Budiman Mohd Zohdi held a karaoke session.

Both events were attended by hundreds of residents.

At the BN karaoke session, Budiman impressed the mixed crowd with a Chinese song as a band played in the background.

The crowd was later asked to sing along. Some sang along, but some Malays in the crowd appeared puzzled by the Chinese song.

Meanwhile, PKR deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali, who is also the caretaker Selangor menteri besar, lent his weight in Sekinchan.

Many were eager to see Azmin as they asked to take selfies with him.

Many motorcyclists also stopped by to listen to the Harapan ceramah, parking themselves behind the seated audience.

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