Not true: S Suresh is NOT dead. That’s not him in the video…

No, that’s not S Suresh, who once challenged Jamal Yunos to a fight! It’s Brazilian Luciano Henrique Jesus de Oliveira, in Campinas, Brazil.


20 Feb 2017

58m58 minutes ago

Boxer who challenged Jamal to a duel is alive and kicking


The martial arts expert S Suresh, who challenged Sungai Besar Umno chief Jamal Md Yunos to a duel, is alive and well.

A video circulating online claiming to depict his execution was instead of the shooting of Brazilian man Luciano Henrique Jesus de Oliveira, in Campinas, Brazil.

“I am still healthy and strong. Such slander should be stopped and appropriate action should be taken against those who make up such stories,” Suresh said in a statement to Malaysiakini.

“I will be responsible for anything that happens to Abang Kucing’s fighters,” he said.

The statement was issued via Abang Kucing, or Shahrul Nizam Abdul Rahim, the spokesperson for martial arts group Gabungan Pejuang Rakyat Demi Negara who issued the challenge to Jamal last November.

This was after the red-shirts group headed by Jamal clashed with Bersih supporters in the lead up to the electoral watchdog’s mega rally on Nov 19.

According to Brazilian news outlet Tododia, Oliveira, 35, was executed point blank at a convenience store of a petrol station in Jardim Itatinga, Campinas.

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