#ParisRiots. Look at what they are doing to Paris!

21 Feb 2017



17 Feb 2017


16 Feb 2017




20 Feb 2017





15h15 hours ago

Paris is burning! Riots in the street. The media not reporting or identifying the rioters but everyone knows who it is. Multiculturalism NG.


Le Pen slams President Hollande for leaving the country on the brink of civil war, still barely a mention on UK news


Riots in Paris suburbs after alleged rape of teen by cops

Saint-Seine-Denis Riots Lead To Dozens Of Arrests Following Alleged Rape Of 22-Year-Old

Posted: 02/09/2017 10:21 am EST


PARIS — Rioters in the Paris suburbs aimed large fireworks at police and set fire to cars and garbage bins in a fourth night of unrest over the alleged rape of a young black man by police, authorities said Thursday.

Police made another 26 arrests overnight Wednesday to Thursday as unrest continued to spread to more towns in Saint-Seine-Denis, a working class region northeast of the French capital with a large minority population.

Unrest first erupted Sunday night after a 22-year-old man was allegedly sodomized with a police officer’s baton during an identity check last week. One officer was charged with aggravated rape and three others were charged with aggravated assault. The officers deny the allegations.

The latest arrests on Wednesday night included three people who allegedly shot large fireworks at police, the prosecutors’ office said. It said shopping carts, garbage bins and cars were also set alight.

2005 riots spread through France

No injuries were reported.

Video that apparently showed the young man’s arrest circulated on the internet, showing him on the ground against a wall surrounded by four men, who appeared to be roughing him up.

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