Who owns this RM2.4mil? Cash.

“And what have you got in the boot of your car?”

“Not much. Just RM2.4million in cash.”


Cash bagged: The 48,000 pieces of RM50 notes seized by border security officers at a roadblock along Ulu Pauh-Padang Besar road from two men who had stashed the loot in two boxes in the boot of their car.



20 May 2016

Duo held over RM2.4mil cash in trunk

PADANG BESAR: Two men in a sport utility vehicle (SUV) told officers from the Perlis Border Security Agency (Aksem) that they had RM2.4mil in two boxes in the boot of the vehicle, to be taken back to Penang.

The men, aged 55 and 20, and believed to be a father and son from Padang Besar here, were stopped during an inspection at a roadblock by the Aksem personnel at Ulu Pauh-Padang Besar road.

There were two boxes bearing coffee brand labels in the boot, with 48,000 pieces of RM50 notes.

Aksem Commander DSP Syed Basri Syed Ali said that the men were detained at 6.30pm on Wed­nes­day.

“They could not disclose the source of the cash by way of any documentation.

“Both men were brought back to the Perlis Aksem headquarters in Chu­ping for further investigations,” he said yesterday.


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