#SarawakElection: Latest Reports…

Sarawak Elections 2016: Today, 7 May, is Polling Day!

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8 May 2016

Are you allowed to do this outside the nomination centre?? Sri Aman polling area.

John Brian Anthony's photo.

8 May 2016

: Know your reps

Landslide win: BN takes 72 out of 82 seats

BN gets two-thirds majority in S’wak elections

Media getting ready for the press conference after Adenan’s swearing in as chief minister at Astana

Ambiga_S: RT SumishaCNA: : PKR deputy president AzminAli asks the opposition move on together as a…


BN wins election with two thirds majority

10m10 minutes ago

I/O Retweeted Datuk Jahat Hensem

PAS 1 – 0 Amanah 😂😂😂


Follow our LIVE BLOG as Sarawak decides today!

Polling starts at 8am and end at 5pm. Results are expected to stream in from 7pm.

Follow our LIVE BLOG as the Malaysiakini team in Sarawak brings you the news as it takes place.

1.45pm: The EC announces the turnout has only reached 39 percent, with just several hours more to vote.

12.54pm: Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian says turnout at the polls today has been low so far, and urges Sarawakians to come out in numbers.

“Our observers have reported low overall turnout of 35 percent as at noon. I urge all registered voters to come out to exercise your democratic rights to choose your representative in the state assembly.

“I would also like to remind officers of the EC to carry out their duties impartially and provide fair treatment for workers of all parties.

“If anyone observes untoward incidents or fraud, please report to Bersih at +6011 31339820 or ROSE volunteers at 016-8604998 (Ann Teo) or 016-2219996 (Suresh),” says Bian in a statement.





Sanjan casting his vote at SK St. Paul Bunuk. He was a student here and teacher in this school.


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