Fake or genuine? Two RM500,000 cheques made out to SUPP.

5 May  2016



Sarawak Report, in its latest article, had published the images of two cheques bearing payments purportedly made by Najib to SUPP in 2012 and 2013.

The whistleblower site said this raised questions as to why the prime minister made personal donations to a local Sarawak party.



Ex-SUPP chief cries foul over ‘RM1m cheques from Najib’ images

A former Sarawak political leader has criticised Sarawak Report for publishing images of cheques amounting to RM1 million purportedly issued by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to his party.

However, Peter Chin neither denied nor confirmed if the matter was true.

The former Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) president said the publication of the images at a time when Sarawak is facing its election was aimed at disparaging the image of SUPP and its candidates.

“This publication by Sarawak Report is, in my view, an effort to cast negative aspersions on the SUPP leadership then and now, hoping to mislead voters from voting on current issues that are important to the people of Sarawak,” Chin (photo) added in a media statement.

Chin, who led SUPP from 2012 to 2014, described this as the work of the opposition.

Urging voters not to be swayed, he said the issue was another example of “coordinated attacks with international parties meddling in the Sarawak election”.

He added: “I want to assure every voter that SUPP has not done anything wrong under the existing laws of our country.”


Sarawak Report

Why Did Najib Pay RM1 Million To SUPP From His ‘Saudi Donor’ Account?

5 May 2016

Familiar initials used by Najib on all those 1MDB decisions we now know aboutFamiliar initials used by Najib on all those 1MDB decisions we now know about

The cheques bear a familiar signature and they represent a known account.  The signature is that of the Prime Minister and the number is that of  his AmPrivate Bank account in KL.

On the eve of the Sarawak election these cheques are visual evidence of payments made personally by the Prime Minister Najib Razak to the BN affiliate Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) in 2012 and 2013.

It raises serious questions as to why the Prime Minister and Chairman of UMNO was making personal donations to the supposedly local Sarawak party and what was expected in return?  As one close observer suggested to Sarawak Report:

“Is this the reason why SUPP cannot leave the BN even if 6 of its seats was given away to “direct candidates?”

The fact that there seems no way in which the Prime Minister could have legitimately acquired such sums of money (whether from alleged anonymous donors or not) nor legitimately spent it for political purposes is, of course, at the heart of Malaysia’s 1MDB scandal, which BN Sarawak has been attempting to say has nothing to do with them.


If Sarawak BN have nothing to do with 1MDB or UMNO how come these payments by Najib?

Clearly, the 1MDB scandal has everything in fact to do with Sarawak, as cheques like this signify.

The fundamental importance of the Sarawak/Sabah “safe deposit” to the continuing dominance of BN and Najib in Federal Malaysia is, indeed, very well known.  In particular, these two Borneo states are regarded as easily bought, thanks to its humble folk, who do not wish to cheat when they have been ‘paid’ for their votes.


Thank you so much for the cash, said the CM to the PM

If Sabah and Sarawak had not been successfully dragooned to support BN at the last 2013 federal election, for example, then the PR opposition coalition would have comprehensively won (after a record 50 years of single party rule by BN it was hardly surprising that they should).


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