The businesswoman, her selfie with a penis-shaped ‘bahulu’ cake, and her police report…

19 February 2016

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继马来西亚马六甲闹出有阳具造型的鸡蛋糕“大雕烧”被市镇局撤下后,一名中年女子向警方报案,指有友人在不经她的同意下,擅自将她与“大雕烧”的自拍照传开,让她蒙羞。 (照片:新洲日报)

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Gara-gara viral di media sosial gadis “bahulu zakar” tampil beri penjelasan

18 February 2016

MIRI: A businesswoman has lodged a police report claiming embarrassment over the unauthorised online circulation of selfies she had meant to share only with her friends on Facebook.

Faridah Ulis, 45, fondly referred to as Mamadot, lodged the report at the Miri central police station at 11.41am yesterday and at the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission branch here in the afternoon.

One of the selfies showed her with a penis-shaped ‘bahulu’ cake she claimed she found on sale at a shop before the Chinese New Year.

“My main intention in lodging the report with the police and MCMC is to find the culprits who shared my selfies without approval,” she told Bernama here today.

She said she shared the selfies with her friends on Facebook and not with those outside of her friends’ circle in the social network.

Faridah said the selfies were uploaded onto her Facebook account a few days before Chinese New year and after finding out that it had been posted to other groups on Facebook without her knowledge she deleted them immediately.

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Selalunya bahulu, ini kali Batang Hulu. Sedap hingga ke ulu hati. Lai3~

23h23 hours ago

Abang ni x jual bahulu, abang ni jual batang hulu.. Rm1 satu.. Beli 5 free 1.. Macamni pun ada 😂

Feb 16

Sape mengidam bahulu batang? Nah!

Translated from Malay by

“SAPE” cravings bahulu trunk? Nah!


14 February 2016


Emm dap

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1 Response to The businesswoman, her selfie with a penis-shaped ‘bahulu’ cake, and her police report…

  1. makan says:

    Everyone is dirty minded. Dirty minded in order to make business and money. Dirty minded in order to take selfie to be so great in the social media. Dirty minded to destroy a recipe that has been around for ages. You can turn anything into a sex organ. In fact, food itself is also something sexually orientated. Makan, makan, makan. Asyik makan. Nah. Jadi begini. So dirty minded. Sin you know. This is sin. You people very jahat.

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