Americk Sidhu: Sirul’s first video could only have been shot in Villawood…

Malaysiakini: Americk Sidhu, “Permit me to pre-empt your ‘expose’, Sirul.”    

Sirul, our killer in Australia…    

Robert K Chelliah, migration consultant, “Sirul, if you name me, I’ll tell everything about you.”    

18 February 2016

Americk: Sirul’s first video could only be shot in Villawood

Alyaa Alhadjri

Americk: Sirul’s first video could only be shot in Villawood

Lawyer Americk Sidhu today said that events referred to in former police commando Sirul Azhar Umar’s first video are a sign that it could have only been recrded after he was detained at Sydney’s Villawood Immigration Centre.

“In this video, Sirul makes specific reference to the press conference given by Kamarul Hisham and Hasnal Rezua Merican on the Dec 31, 2015.

“Sirul also refers to the application he is making for PR. This could only have taken place while he was in Villawood,” Americk told Malaysiakini.

Americk said this in response to reports in the Australian media on Sirul’s case, the latest being on heightened security at Villawood Immigration Centre, amid safety concerns.

“The Australian press has received information that the video recordings made by Sirul were done pre-detention.

“The purpose of this disinformation is to take the heat off the Australian immigration authorities for allowing this to happen while one of their detainees is in detention,” said Americk.

In the two minutes and 51 second video sighted by Malaysiakini, Sirul had said: “As we know, my lawyer Kamarul Hisham Kamaruddin himself has said, there are certain processes, including immigration and legal matters ongoing here, that need my attention.”

“So I now want to fully focus my time and energy to be able to stay here, in my application to remain here,” he reiterated.

Kamarul Hisham had during the press conference said that Sirul’s application for a protection visa was made earlier last year, after he fled from Malaysia.

“My client submitted the application for the protection visa as he was still being detained by the department and we were informed that the process was still on-going,” Kamarul Hisham reportedly said.

Sirul’s confessions were reportedly shot inside Villawood, but The Australian in a report yesterday quoted unnamed officials who believe that the videos could pre-date his arrival there in January last year.

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