The ‘Axeman’ of Malaysia is a road bully!

18 February 2016

In Seremban.

“You honk at me, I show you my axe.”

Axe-wielding man in road rage video hands himself in

The youth who brandished an axe at a man and his wife for honking at him yesterday has handed himself in.

Seremban police chief Muhamad Zaki Harun said the suspect surrendered himself at Seremban police headquarters about 1.30pm today.

“He realised that we were looking for him and monitoring his home,” he said.

Zaki said the case was classified as criminal intimidation and unlawful possession of offensive weapons in public.

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Police home in on axe-wielding road bully in Facebook video


Published: 18 February 2016 2:29 PM

Seremban police have identified the road bully seen in a video on Facebook which went viral yesterday

In the video, a male youth driving a white Proton Saga is seen threatening a couple with an axe at the Sungai Ujong traffic lights in Seremban about 3pm yesterday.

The young man was reportedly angry because the other driver had honked at him for not moving when the traffic light turned green.

Seremban chief police Muhamad Zaki Harun said the incident started from an argument between the two parties

“The suspect then pointed an axe at the victim and his wife,” he said.

He said the incident was recorded and the video uploaded on Facebook by the victim’s wife.

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Polis telah kenal pasti lelaki tunjuk kapak

Kiriman seorang waghih.

Asalamualaikum..minta berhati2 dengan lelaki ini…kena hon main hp sebab lampu dah hijau tapi tak jalan..terus turun kereta ajak bergaduh dgn bawa kapak…setahu saya satu kesalahan membawa senjata dalam kereta…moga kita dilindungi olehNya…Terima Kasih Admin

Kejadian berlaku Area : Seremban

Post a waghih.

Asalamualaikum.. ‘m being cautious with this guy… Gotcha Hon play hp because the light’s green but no way.. Keep going down the train take fight bring an axe… One mistake I carry a gun in the car… May we be protected by him… Thank you admin

Scene: Seremban area.


Friends of Waghih's photo.
Friends of Waghih's photo.
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