Robert K Chelliah, Migration Consultant, “Sirul, if you name me, I’ll tell everything about you.”

In a video from the Villawood Immigration Detention Centre where he is held, Sirul said he will name five people who tried to “bribe or coax” him into implicating Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak in Altantuya’s murder.

Americk Sidhu has said he believes the five include Chelliah.

Malaysiakini: Americk Sidhu, “Permit me to pre-empt your ‘expose’, Sirul.”

20 February 2017

Malaysia murder sets off explosion of intrigue

The fourth promised video might settle the question of when they were filmed but it is now unlikely to come out.

Sirul’s migration consultant Robert Chelliah told The Weekend Australian this week that if he was among the five named he would be forced to reveal the extent of ­access ­Malaysian officials have had to Sirul in Villawood and the nature of conversations between himself, Sirul and his Malaysian lawyers in order to protect his professional integrity.

The man most widely tipped to be named is former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir, to whom Sirul’s mother turned last year for help on behalf of her son.

Mahathir has been Najib’s most vocal critic since the 1MDB scandal escalated last year. Earlier this month Mahathir’s son was forced to step down as chief minister of Kedah, citing pressure from the Prime Minister.

16 February 2016

2h2 hours ago

Perunding penghijrahan Sirul pula ancam dedah semua: , perunding…

Translated from Malay by

Sirul migration consultants in turn threatens reveals all: , consultant in. ..

Now, migration consultant threatens to tell all on Sirul

Published 15 Feb 2016, 11:11 pm

Robert K Chelliah, a migration consultant who assisted former police commando Sirul Azhar Umar, has threatened to reveal contents of private conversations he had with Sirul if the latter names him in the list of five he says he will unveil.

Chelliah, a Malaysian-born Australian, said will reveal the extent of access that high officials from Malaysia had to Sirul while in immigration detention in Sydney if Sirul “politicises (Chelliah’s) help”.

“I will be forced to reveal the nature of conversations he had with me and of that we had with his Malaysian lawyers,” Chelliah told The Australian newspaper.

The daily reported that Chelliah had acted as Sirul’s migration consultant last February when Sirul was arrested for jumping bail.

Chelliah said he tried to “persuade (Sirul) to come out with the truth” but “the process was hijacked by various interests in the Malaysian special branch and Malaysian political system.”

4h4 hours ago

Robert K Chelliah – Perunding penghijrahan Sirul pula ancam dedah semua.

A case for Peter Dutton, Dept of Immigration : Robert Chelliah’s …

Feb 15, 2016 – A case for Peter Dutton, Dept of Immigration : Robert Chelliah’s admission that information has been withheld in the matter of Sirul Azhar.



– A MARA Registered Agent since 1992 with the registration number 9254011


Robert K Chelliah commenced his private practice as Migration Agent in 1990 and remains till today without question the migration industry’s one of the most prominent practitioners. Robert Chelliah is considered industry expert in the area of Migration legislations, policies and procedures, with vast experience in handling complex cases. Since his formal registration in 1992 he has specialised in Compliance cases where he has successfully won many appeal cases at the Migration Review Tribunal with his amazing insight in the understanding of social, multicultural, and economic circumstances of the individual he represents. His ability to identify flaws in the adverse statutory decisions by Departmental Officers is his best to none forte. His formal qualification as a Social Worker combined with his deep understanding of the Migration laws and policy guidelines gives him the edge in presenting robust responses to the Department and the Tribunal on his clients circumstances. It is with passion, dedication and honesty he has a huge number of followers from different countries in the region. Give him a call for a casual or formal chat to see how friendly and humble he is in serving his clients with sincerity and integrity.

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