No, it’s NOT a public holiday in Sarawak today, Wednesday 10 February 2016…No, never mind the floods!

WhatsApp message on ’emergency holiday’ for Sarawak due to the floods is false

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Massive high tide late yesterday evening and early today has caused floods in several places in the Kuching, Bau…


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Mangsa banjir di Sarawak meningkat berikutan fenomena air pasang besar

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WhatsApp message on ’emergency holiday‘ for Sarawak is false

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KUCHING: A widely-distributed WhatsApp message, claiming that Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem had declared an ’emergency public holiday’ tomorrow (Wednesday) is untrue.
A spokesman at the Chief Minister’s Office told the New Straits Times that the message was untrue and done with malicious intent.
The message had claimed that Adenan had announced an ’emergency public holiday’ tomorrow following the worsening floods in Sarawak.

“The widely-circulated news regarding the Chief Minister’s supposed announcement that there will be a Public Holiday on Feb 10 is not true. It is done with malicious intent,” said the spokesman.

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BERNAMA – Sarawak CM Denies Announcement On Public Holiday Tomorrow

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