When tagging a photo on Facebook resulted in domestic violence….

Be careful whom you tag but also be careful who tags your photo!



10 February 2016


Malaysian woman allegedly beaten by husband — after child was wrongly tagged to another man

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Man assaults wife after their baby’s Facebook photo tagged with another man’s name

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9 February 2016 | MYT 2:44 PM

Woman beaten by husband after their baby’s Facebook photo tagged with another man’s name

SINGAPORE: A Malaysian woman was reportedly abused by her husband because a photo of her baby was tagged with a stranger’s name on Facebook.

In a Facebook post on Jan 30, Stella Ooi, from Penang, wrote that her child’s photo was tagged with the name “SH Dato Lee”, but she did not know this person.

“Anyone can tag photos posted on Facebook!” she wrote. “Because of this I was beaten by my husband.”

Her husband claimed that she had a relationship with “SH Dato Lee”, she said.

She added that she had two cracks in her skull and was deaf in her right ear.


我 在此澄清,SH Dato Lee并不是我的朋友,也不是我的Facebook的朋友。这个SH Dato Lee长什么样子,我也不知道!我的宝宝的照片被圈出的名字有SH Dato Lee的名字,也不是我圈出的。凡是在Facebook发出去的照片,任何人都可以在照片圈出别人的名字。为了这件事,我被我的老公打到这样!我也不要以 后我的女儿误会我是怎样的妈妈!我没有做,要我怎样承认。既然你说我和这个SH Dato Lee有关系,也要有证据!所谓,人在做,天在看!敢做就要敢当!

I’m here to clarify, sh, Dato Lee is not my friend, it’s not my facebook friend. This sh dato lee what did it look like, I don’t know! My baby photo of the tagged name have sh dato lee name, also not tagged. In The Facebook who sent photos, anyone can be in the photo tag someone else’s name. In order to this, I was my husband hit it! I also don’t want my daughter after misunderstanding I for what it is, mom! I didn’t do, what do I recognized. Since you said I and this sh dato Lee, also want to do with the evidence! The So-called, people are doing, days watching! Going to want to do!
I was hit on the head shell has two cracks, right ear also deaf. I also don’t quietly in Facebook, right now, but would also like to blame yourself.

Stella Ooi's photo.

Ms Stella Ooi claimed that SH Dato Lee, whose name was tagged with her baby’s photo, is neither her friend nor her “Facebook friend”

A Malaysia woman was allegedly abused by her husband over a wrong Facebook tag on their baby’s photo. Her husband saw a photo of their baby tagged with the…

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